Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Name their Moron Twins

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon announced the names of their twins the other day, and the tasteless names perfectly match the obnoxiousness of their parents.  Wouldn’t you be a proud child to know your naked father manhandled your mother’s bare breasts in the pages of a public newspaper while you were still in utero?

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Famous, Rich and Beautiful Dig an Early Grave

If you are rich and pretty and famous you are tempting an early grave because a devotion to the surface, and not the core, leads to psychological dissension between the wanton self and the desirous of mind — according to a new University of Rochester study.  Perhaps marrying an ugly girl is, after all, the secret to carrying on a longer life.

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Wal-Mart or Wal-Bad?

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

“Have a good day.” “How are you doing today?” “Did you find everything okay?” “Thanks for shopping here.” Those words are nice after you have spent a pretty good amount of money in any given store. Certainly the amount of importance varieties from one customer to another. For example, if I spend $100.00 in one place, this may not be a big amount of money for you, though it may be a big deal for me. The case is that we all want good service, in spite of the amount of money that we may spend in a store, restaurant, or any other place.

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Caracas & Monroe

by María L. Trigos S. Gilbert

Caracas is a very crowed city which is full of energy wherever one stands. There are people walking and driving at all corners. All things in the city are bathed in motor fumes, giving a particular smell everywhere. The sun’s light shines in mirrored buildings, starting from East to West. Everyone is always busy: working, studying, or socializing, nothings seems to stop even at the red lights. Caracas is very tropical which means it has two seasons: rainy and dry.

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