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Why We Must Require a Return to the Moral Absolute

We live in a risky world where few things seem to matter.  A handshake is no longer enough of a guarantee of friendship or a promise for a business deal.  A country’s reputation in the world doesn’t matter if individual selfish interests are more important than a right example and proper behavior.

Where once we wanted to live the American Dream and to own the best and to be the brightest — we have now been beaten down by the ridicule of those elected to serve us, and by punishing economic times that sap our passions — we are now fine with just getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, and buying things are just “good enough” to get us by into the next reckoning moment of despair.

This steep decline in expectation and excellence is never grand or proper when it becomes the defining mantra of a country and its people.  A return to excellence and moral leadership takes money, empathy, dedication, and education.

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A Man of Bricks and Mortar

His was a life of bricks and the skillful hands to lay them, fast and capable hands as adept as machines. His was a history thrown with gale force at walls and buildings all over town, a long constructive life of making things to last. Everywhere now in his decline were the monuments of his having passed that way, standing in red clay and mortar, signs of a man’s existence no less expressive than those of whatever poet you might wish to mention.

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Tony Kushner Head Fakes History with Lincoln Screenplay

Tony Kushner is a well-known playwright, and his latest success was found in writing the screenplay for the movie — Lincoln — starring Daniel Day-Lewis.  With each chit comes a chipping, and Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney is rightly angry that Kushner intentionally changed history to add fake drama to the movie by deciding to invent two members of the Connecticut congressional delegation who voted against the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to end slavery.  In actuality, all four members of the Connecticut representatives voted for ending slavery.  Why would Kushner so deliberately skew what really happened?

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How I Support Loving Organizations

In the time since Hurricane Sandy struck at the United States and devastated homes, leaving many homeless and without a single thing to their name. People immediately leapt to the aid of the victims of the storm even as some cruel people online who clearly did not live on the East Coast wondered why the people chose to live in areas that could be struck by such storms.

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Gordon Gekko Helps the FBI

When I was in eighth grade, there was a large poster hanging on one of the walls with the image of Michael Douglas on it and a long speech about greed. I had no idea what it was or why his face was on it but it was an interesting speech, albeit one that went against everything we were taught in school. The speech taught that greed was good and important. We were taught in school that greed was bad and that sharing with others was good and important.

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On Putting Uncommon Things Back into the Hollow

We live in a bored world of consumption of expectation.  The new and the fresh rarely find a moral or aesthetic foothold in our mainstream minds because it takes too much effort to think about, and consider, the foreign and the challenging.

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Where are the New Truth Tellers?

We live in a wild and crumbling world.  We used to subsist in a universe of extremes.  There were the bad people and the good people and the moral among us fought a couple of World Wars as an entire generation leapt from the continent to save the world from repression.

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