The pair Networks Virtual Private Server Review

All of my non-blog websites, and all my Boles Blogs Network images, are hosted on my private server.  Over the years, I’ve bounced around from webhost to webhost searching for the right fit.  In the past, I’ve tried LunarPages and Media Temple and Mosso (now rackspace CloudServers) found all of them lacking.  Then I happened upon pair Networks — located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — and I finally found the right webhost for me; I’ve been a proud, paying, pair Networks customer for over three years.

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Moving Back to Media Temple From Mosso

UPDATE:  April 23, 2008.  We wanted you to know this Urban Semiotic blog — and all of David W. Boles’ domains and blogs
are now solely hosted by Pair Networks!  We will update this article as circumstances demand and we’ll leave this article online to protect the
chain of understanding.

One of the signs of insanity is doing the same habit of action over and over and over again while expecting a different result each time. This time, however, I think I have broken free of expectation by beating my head against the Grid Sharing Theory of Website Hosting wall one too many times.
After three months of struggling to overcome the limits of Mosso hosting, I decided last night to move back to our old favorite — Media Temple — and my previous Dedicated-Virtual (dv) hosting setup:

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Moving to Mosso from Media Temple

I am currently moving my websites to Mosso from Media Temple so parts of this site — sidebar images and the rotating header — may come and go as the new DNS servers propagate across the world.

My email also will drop in and our over the next couple of days so if you sent me an email yesterday or today and I haven’t answered you yet, it is because your note was lost in the transition. Please resend your message.

As well, yesterday and today most of my comments here on your favorite Urban Semiotic were, and are, getting caught by Akismet as Spam.
That’s a big hassle because every time I comment here I have to enter the Akismet admin interface to clear my own messages.

I changed my email address here to see if that will stop from getting me caught as a Spammer.
If you have a moment during the day to post a comment or two to help me test this Akismet problem while our DNS propagates, that would be a pure delight and I do thank you.