I am currently moving my websites to Mosso from Media Temple so parts of this site — sidebar images and the rotating header — may come and go as the new DNS servers propagate across the world.

My email also will drop in and our over the next couple of days so if you sent me an email yesterday or today and I haven’t answered you yet, it is because your note was lost in the transition. Please resend your message.

As well, yesterday and today most of my comments here on your favorite Urban Semiotic were, and are, getting caught by Akismet as Spam.
That’s a big hassle because every time I comment here I have to enter the Akismet admin interface to clear my own messages.

I changed my email address here to see if that will stop from getting me caught as a Spammer.
If you have a moment during the day to post a comment or two to help me test this Akismet problem while our DNS propagates, that would be a pure delight and I do thank you.


  1. Hi David,
    Tango Echo Sierra Tango
    Tango Echo Sierra Tango
    Tango Echo Sierra Tango
    It looks like my TEST is working fine so far, but I’ll check back later on to see if there are any propagation issues.

  2. Hi Chris!
    The blog itself should be fine since it’s on WP.com and didn’t move — but the images I call remotely in the sidebar and for articles and in the header are not hosted on the WP.com server so they may come and go or look broken.
    Thanks for helping me test! We’ll see if this new email addy gets me caught or not!

  3. Hi David,
    I was looking at Mosso’s site. Pretty interesting — it looks like you could offer hosting services if you wanted to do so.
    Why did you decide to go with Mosso as opposed to other services? What was the hook that made your decision to purchase their service — as opposed to other providers?

  4. Hi Chris!
    Yes, I can offer hosting! It’s a keen setup. Mosso bills customers and provides tech support. Very sweet. Incredibly seamless.
    Mosso is a shared environment and costs as much as MT’s dv-rage 3.0 setup. MT’s Grid shared server, which I tried before giving up on it, is five times less a month than Mosso.
    I chose Mosso because a founder of Rackspace runs the joint and their philosophy is to provide quick hosting for “artists and designers” and that means they handle the backend. They update MySQL and PHP and worry about everything techie so I can concentrate on the experience and not the Admin junque.
    Plesk is difficult and unfriendly.
    You really don’t want root access unless you really know UNIX.
    I want speed and simplicity in power and I’m hoping Mosso will provide that experience for me and for everyone who touches my life on the web!

  5. Hi David,
    Cool! I’m looking forward to a review once you get a chance to settle in and figure everything out.
    I was thinking that the cost was higher than comparable services, but of course, your paying for the techies, rather than spending time (and time is money) being the tech yourself.

  6. Chris!
    Yes, Mosso is expensive but they offer a ton of bandwidth and unlimited everything. I know a lot of other services offer similar features but Mosso has a pretty good reputation and their web interface is super-easy to use and setup.

  7. David- i noticed a couple of Dave’s pickled pepper postings disappeared for a few minutes and then came back. Maybe Mosso is illiteration sensative.

  8. Yay!
    My last two sites just popped in for me. I can now hit bolesuniversity.com and hardcoreASL.com!
    I can see the WordPress logo here again!
    It will probably all disappear and reappear several more times throughout the day.

    It’s so amazing that you could see those images before I could. DNS is an amazing and ugly technology!
    I changed all my nameservers yesterday at 3pm. 7 hours later I noticed that the changes didn’t “stick” and had reverted back to Media Temple from Mosso!
    Late night calls ensued and — four hours later, 2 am my time — Network Solutions told me they knew about the problem with DNS changes not sticking and were working to “fix” it. Ha! What a mess!
    I had to re-do everything this morning at 6am and I found the workaround NetSol used to make the change stick for boles.com and I’m glad I was able to make it work for the rest of my domains. 7 hours for full propagation isn’t bad.

  10. David- i’m probably not the one to ask. Everything looks the same as it used to to me. i never noticed any ” side bar images,” is there supposed to be something to the left of the sign on names?

  11. Hi fred!
    The sidebar is on the right. You should see the “Boles University” logo and some other of my website logos and a WORDPRESS logo and the large image at the top of the page.

  12. Thanks, fred!
    Sometimes these changes can take up to a day. A few years ago it used to take THREE DAYS for DNS to propagate across the world. Now we’re down to mere hours. It’s a much better system now.

  13. Though I call myself a techno impaired person…but somehow it’s working fine with me – I think!
    I can see what I am supposed to see and so on..

  14. Sounds like a bit of a ball breaker , but 7 hours turnaround is pretty remarkable. Hope it all settles down for you soon.

  15. Thanks, Nicola! I agree 7 hours is great. If my original plan had worked, though, all the “dirty work” of appearing and disappearing would’ve been done overnight instead of the middle of the day.
    Things seem set now. That’s good. Tomorrow everything will be rock-solid.

  16. Hmmm. My wit is rusty. It was just a play on you ‘moving’ your website and the lack of physical labor required to ‘help’ you.

  17. Lend me your purple hat for sweet dreams, Nicola!
    It’s usually about 4. When I was younger it was 12 then 8 then 6 now 4.
    Thne… the eternal…

  18. Mr. Chris!
    Thanks for the update! My sites seem to load twice as fast as they did on MT.
    Mosso is pretty darn good so far!
    Oh, and the big thing about Mosso, Chris, over MT — is you can run Windows stuff and Linux stuff in the same setup. You have all the paths to do whatever suits you.
    You can also pick PHP4 or PHP5 — it’s all up to you.

  19. Hi David,
    The hybrid technology is pretty interesting. Having the tech assistance comes in handy also, since the lower the price, the more do-it-yourself stuff is required.
    I’m running most of my domains from my $3.99/month hosting plans. Having all of the extra goodies costs a little more. 🙂
    I did notice that my parent company (and my reseller site) is offering assisted service plans for its dedicated servers . I wonder if that is in response to what Mosso is offering?

  20. Hey Chris!
    $3.99 a month is hard to beat!
    Dedicated servers are a real burden unless you’re a UNIX guru. You usually pay A LOT of money for the experts to help you. The new “grid” sort of shared server is making great gains in the marketplace for ease-of-use and reliability and redundancy of use.
    That said, I offered MT $100 to help fix and install stuff on my dv-Rage site and they just plain refused. They told me to do it myself. I know that’s part of the plan — MT very clearly states “We Will Not Help You!” — but every company can make golden money from novice hand holding… but not MT. I guess they’re rich enough.
    Mosso warmly holds hands before and after the sale.

  21. Hi David,
    Hand holding is often the start of the best relationships — whether romantic or in business.
    I’m surprised someone didn’t take the $100.00 and do a side project.

  22. Chris!
    Believe me — I tried. I said, “I’ll PayPal you the money if you just login to Plesk for me and install the MySQL update for me!” They always refused. Completely uninterested. Since when did desperation to move upward become stillborn in the marketplace?
    With MT what they install for you is what you get when you purchase your dv hosting unless you really grovel and plead and beg and scream. They won’t naturally upgrade you to PHP or MySQL or anything else as upgrades are released. They expect you to upgrade it all yourself via UNIX and the root interface. They’ll handle infrequent updates to Plesk but that’s more curse than cure.

  23. If you google Essentia hats you will find many more excellent examples …… in other colours. I love them all – but mine of course had to be purple.
    ( there is now double trouble in my blog header)

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