Thirty Years On Today: Burying Oliver Mark Wadey

They say that time heals — I beg to differ. It may cloud and diminish generalities, but on this day, every year, the pain is still the pain that only the gut wrenching sorrow that the loss of a child can bring. True that pain is confined to this day and this day alone and in spite of all my efforts and strategies over the years to cope with it, deal with it, or even try to ignore it altogether, I never quite manage to do so.

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When Breastfeeding is Banned

There are many aspects in life in which I have become increasingly sensitive since my wife and I brought our beautiful baby Chaim Yosef into the world. One of those things is the ever important nutrition of our son. In more recent times it has become less of an issue as he is normally very happy to take milk from a sippy cup (soy, almond, or otherwise) as well as a number of extremely healthy solid foods but for the first nine months of his life he relied on breast milk as a means of sustenance.

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Jennifer Aniston Needs No Man

Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston — The Slutty Pinup Girl for this Memeingful blog — said a woman doesn’t need a man to raise a child.

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Salma Hayek Breastfeeds a Stranger

Salma Hayek is the world’s best mother.  She breastfed a starving African baby and then felt a pang of guilt worrying if she had betrayed her own baby.

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Meaning of Motherhood

When you think of a mother, or of motherhood, what images and feelings pop into your mind? Are those thoughts and emotions all glowing and comforting?

Is there any hardness or open hurt in your heart?

If you are a mother, how is your relationship with your offspring different than the relationship you had with your mother?

Do you treat your kids better than your mother treated you?

Is motherhood a title?

Is motherhood a state of mind?

Or is motherhood something else we can define down across cultures and ethnicities and nations to agree on a set of behaviors and beliefs?


Giving Back What I Got

by Peggy Kumke

Grandparents play a unique role when their grandchildren are in their care. I enjoy all the time their parents allow me to have with them. The most wonderful blessings of being the grandparent is to be able to give the grandchildren back to their parents whenever you want to. It makes no difference how much we spoil them; the parents have to raise them, not us!

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