Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston — The Slutty Pinup Girl for this Memeingful blog — said a woman doesn’t need a man to raise a child.

Jennifer is doing a Press tour for her latest movie, “The Switch” — a film about artificial insemination — when she said this:

Women are realising it more and more knowing that they don’t have to settle with a man just to have that child.

Now that’s an angry women!

Will she ever love again?

Will she ever forgive and forget Brad Pitt?

Why do we care?

“Settle” with a man?  Really?

If men are so unnecessary, where is the sperm coming for these fatherless, female, families?

We know Jennifer must feel her biological clock ticking at the age of 41 — if her womb were not a timebomb, she would not be presensing its impending explosion — but why make those sorts of ridiculous, insulting, and indefensible statements in public about motherhood, fatherhood, familyhood and proactive child rearing?

Jennifer Aniston:  Please stay with the slutty nude layouts and continue to shake your moneymaker being seen and not heard — because what comes out of your mouth dims your mind and darkens the social fabric that binds us into the light.


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