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We Elect People to Take Things From Us: The Start of Dreams

Here at the Boles Blogs Network, we get hundreds of promotional emails a day asking us to write articles about people, products and issues.  Sometimes we act on a tip that catches our fancy, but more often than not, we can’t abide the coverage request.  Last week, I received a spectacular request from Byron Horne of THB Films and this article is the result of that inquiry.

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Censoring The King's Speech

It is never an easy nor a short path from when a film is first conceived and when that same film is being watched — to a big calorie-rich bucket of popcorn in the lap. The idea for the film can come from many a place — in the case of “The King’s Speech,” it came from something that actually happened in history.

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Make it Funky!

The other day, I happened upon a fantastic music documentary called — Make It Funky! — and boy, was it a great celebration of the Funk Movement that grew out of the traditional Blues.  The music and the vibe were outstanding.

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Crossroads 2010 Movie Review

For the past five years, Eric Clapton has hosted a Crossroads Guitar Festival to raise money for his charity:  The Crossroads Center of Antigua.  This year’s festival — supposedly the last one ever — was held in Chicago on June 26th under a perilous sky and punishing heat.  The movie version of the festival is now available for purchase on iTunes for $20.00USD — or your can rent it for $4.00USD.  I plucked the purchase route, and I’ve been glorifying in Crossroads 2010 since late last night.

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Iron Man 2 and On Demand Political Censorship

Today, Janna and I decided to watch Iron Man 2 today using Comcast/Xfinity’s On Demand Pay Per View service.  We spent $6.00USD and we were able to watch a new, streaming, HD movie that was Closed Captioned — so Janna can joy the show — and boy, did we get a censored earful!


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Terms of Endearment: Driving Martin Jurow

One of the biggest things to hit Lincoln, Nebraska — while I was growing up — was the hit movie “Terms of Endearment.”  That movie was shot in and around and under Lincoln and the local university, and many of its citizens, were the stars of the show.

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