Talking Beats Texting Among Teens

When I was a teenager, going online meant connecting to a friend’s local bulletin board system and checking the message boards, though you knew that you were never connected at the same time as anyone else since we were using dial-up modems to connect directly to computers that were just like yours — pathetically slow compared to the computers of today, or even the iPads! For the most part, however, we did our communication face to face and on the phone if that was not possible.

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Jim Campilongo Sort of Loves Us Back

We expressed our love for guitarist Jim Campilongo in our — Jim Campilongo Goes Orange — review and Jim has mentioned our review, but not linked back to us, from his MySpace:

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Deleting Risky Teen Sex

Why do so many teens reveal the gross details of their unsafe sex lives online? Dr. Megan Moreno — assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison — wondered the same thing and set out to understand why.

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