The Ravens Win Super Bowl 47!

The Ravens just beat the 49ers and won Super Bowl 47!

And Lucky O’Connell cried a little bit tonight in his dog dish.

Dan Auerbach Locks Down Dr. John

I am a big Dr. John fan.  I love his piano.  I’m crazy about his voice.  In his latest album, Locked Down, that dropped on April 3, 2012, Dr. John strangely fades away a bit as Black Keys producer and performer Dan Auerbach places his hands on Dr. John’s keyboard.  The result is a bit of a disappointing mishmash of a previously undeniable musical identity:

Storied musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John–Mac Rebennack–will release LOCKED DOWN, a startling album that marks a significant departure from his recent efforts, on April 3, 2012. The new album, produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, will be Dr. John’s first for Nonesuch Records.

It’s an entirely new approach for the iconic Dr. John, featuring as it does his collaboration with Auerbach and a band of young musicians Auerbach hand-picked to make LOCKED DOWN at his studio Easy Eye Sound in Nashville. “It was way cool cutting this record with Dan and the crew he put together for it,” says Rebennack. “It’s reel HIP.

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New Orleans Discrimination Against Disabled Children

Is New Orleans a cursed city?  The Katrina Report suggested there is still a deep and lingering discrimination against the ultimate revival of that important, Southern, American, core.  Now we have reports from the field that disabled children are being discriminated against within the urban seawall.

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Mario Tama: Coming Back

Mario Tama is a photographer for Getty Images.  He recorded the immediate effect and the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Mario knows what the rest of us have conveniently forgotten:  New Orleans is still fallow and fragile as it tries to weight up, once again, from its soaking ashes.

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