The Ravens just beat the 49ers and won Super Bowl 47!

And Lucky O’Connell cried a little bit tonight in his dog dish.


  1. You’re a good sport, Lucky! I just couldn’t root for Baltimore with Ray Lewis — and the legacy of those double murders still surrounding him — still on the team:

    Deep down, she knows he’s gone. She knows it every time she turns on the television and sees Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis — a reminder that her son, Richard, has been dead for 13 years, stabbed to death outside a nightclub in Atlanta, along with his friend from Akron, Jacinth Baker.

    Their murders remain unsolved. But as the anniversary of their deaths approaches — and as Lewis dances into the sunset of his NFL career — the victims’ relatives are still seething at him. While Priscilla Lollar says she’s “numb” to Lewis, others want answers. And justice.

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