Posted by Tom & Marianne O'Connell

Tom and Marianne have gone to the movies together for the last 48 years, most years viewing more than 100 films. In 1988, Marianne started tracking the movies in a Lotus spreadsheet. As the years passed, they added more data and uploaded all the data to GoInside in the Boles Blogs. The list is updated monthly and is searchable by title, actor, director or ratings for the entire period from 1988 to present.


  1. Glad you’re taking not winning so well, Lucky!



  2. You’re a good sport, Lucky! I just couldn’t root for Baltimore with Ray Lewis — and the legacy of those double murders still surrounding him — still on the team:

    Deep down, she knows he’s gone. She knows it every time she turns on the television and sees Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis — a reminder that her son, Richard, has been dead for 13 years, stabbed to death outside a nightclub in Atlanta, along with his friend from Akron, Jacinth Baker.

    Their murders remain unsolved. But as the anniversary of their deaths approaches — and as Lewis dances into the sunset of his NFL career — the victims’ relatives are still seething at him. While Priscilla Lollar says she’s “numb” to Lewis, others want answers. And justice.



  3. […] Super Bowl 47 was played last night — and while it was a great game — the whole spectacle of the Super Bowl is totally played out.  The halftime show is boring and unspectacular — how many times do we have to see Beyoncé bouncing her booty in our homes to get the point that she has an enormous butt?  The television commercials are predictable.  The “funny” commercials always end in a jokey, visual, “gotcha” you can see coming a mile away — while the “serious” commercials drip a sugary false-sympathy that enrages one to screaming and bloodletting. […]



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