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Good News Bad News

Do you see a Good News/Bad News story in the image below? If so, tell us what you see.

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Prioritizing the News

The recent imprisonment of a certain hotel heiress who doesn’t need her name mentioned in yet another article to further bolster her importance in the collective databases mined by search engines and the news coverage that this imprisonment that was generated and continues to be generated unsettles me.

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Bury Bad News on Friday: Saturday is Dead

We all know if you want to release bad national news you do it on the weekend when no one is reading blogs or newspapers or watching: Bad News Runs into Weekends!

Run It On Friday!

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MSNBC: The Pernicious Decline of Network News

American news media used to be intellectual and responsibPop Up!le.

Today news is entertainment where a former cheerleader and chirpy morning show host now reads the news from a teleprompter on the CBS Evening News.

The  most pernicious decline in the American news media newsroom, however, is that of MSNBC — the misbegotten stepchild news effort between Microsoft’s MSN web portal (MSN) and NBC (“N”BC) — and the first mistake on the long tumble downward into the chum was to charge Dan Abrams with saving the network:

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Disintegration of the Evening News

I grew up watching Walter Cronkite doing the CBS Evening News. He was a class act back then; he retired much too early; he is now a brittle and humorless old man. The Old News Guard of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s had an integrity that has been missing since the 1980’s in current news broadcasts.

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