YouTube Age-Restricts the News

After yesterday’s live stream I received a curious email from YouTube informing me I had violated some sort of community guideline, and they were “Age-Restricting” my entire VOD upload. That meant no viewers under the age of 18, and my video would not be shown to anyone not logged into YouTube. I wasn’t sure if they were dinging my previous live stream, and video podcast episode, about William Hurt Raping Marlee Matlin or not, but I quickly learned discussing rape is okay for kids, but showing the aftermath of a blood stain on a train platform from the New York City subway shooting yesterday is verboten. I wondered aloud if YouTube ever really checks the strange, and awful, videos that appear on their service that include nudity, and violence, and are not restricted.

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The Quarterlife Crisis: Invented to Scare You for Ratings

Have you ever heard of the “Quarterlife Crisis” that is taking the USA by storm?  Me neither!  However, listening to the local CBS television news stations across the country this week wholeheartedly suggests there is horror afoot and your twentysomething life is in danger!

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Does Commuting Destroy Relationships?

I read with intrigue an article about the effects of commuting on a relationship. It was particularly interesting to me as a person who takes a one hour train ride twice a day. According to the article, all it takes is a simple 45 minute commute to work to lead to a possible split between the couple. In my experience, however, this has not been the case. Here are some reasons why.

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The Twittering Snake that Terrified New York

Many times, the fear of something can be even worse than the thing itself. A child, for example, can for years have a firm belief that there is a monster dwelling under the bed and even though the bed has no actual monster under it, the fear of the monster can lead to many sleepless nights. Considerably worse than the actual empty void under the bed, a lack of actual monster not making a difference to the child.

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Hasan Elahi and Self-Panopticonicism

San Jose State Professor Hasan Elahi was suspected of being a terrorist after re-entering the United States from a trip to Africa in 2002. After nine hours of questioning, he was released — but the burr of being re-incarcerated made him fearful, and so, he became his own self-reporting public Panopticon:

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NBC newsman Tim Russert died of a massive heart attack on Friday and, ever since his untimely death at age 58, MSNBC has been “All Tim’s Death, All The Time.”  We all loved Tim, but enough is enough.


Decline of the American Woman

Is the American woman an endangered species?  Is she losing the good fight for equality in the workplace, on television and in our political hearts?

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