Hello, Am I Still Wanted? Yes?! Great! Goodbye!

I have been publishing new authors and playwrights online for over 15 years.  I have made a lot of great friends and it is a delight when one of the authors I originally published finds great success.  Saying “Yes” is hard.  Saying “No” is easy.  I always say “Yes” to a person of great talent and promise even if they later disappoint.

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Why We Must Forbid Our Children

Our children are not our friends.  We do not live to be liked by our children.  Our children are our vested interest to protect.  Our children must trust us.  We know more.  We are wiser.  We are required to give up our lives so that our children can live theirs in safety, comfort and within the proper context of society.  Parents are born to forbid their children and they must.

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Leveling the Pendulum: Still No Country for Old Men

My first reaction to the movie — “No Country for Old Men” — was one of revulsion and remorse:  I initially felt there was too much senseless bloodlust for my taste.  Then I watched the movie again and began to appreciate its warning.  Then I watched the movie again and again and again and found a depth of understanding that I find curious and vitally important for humankind.

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Saying No Means Yes

Turning down work can be a good thing if the price and terms aren’t right.

You, as an author, must know your value in the marketplace even if those around you — like agents and friends and publishers and managers — do not.

If you get a dollar a word for writing an article, do not allow yourself to be lowballed at a dime a word.

You know your bottom line.  You know your ability.  Trust the faith in yourself.  Demand the wages and royalties and stipends you deserve. 

To back down from the needs of the self is to damage the needs and wants of others who hope to walk along down the path of success with you.

Saying “No” to a bad deal can mean a “Yes” to own well-being.

There is No Such Thing as Coincidence

There is no such thing as a coincidence. If it’s raining outside and you have water dripping from the ceiling in your upstairs bathroom, your first thought shouldn’t be a leaky pipe.
It’s funny, though, how many people will say in that situation:

“Gosh, isn’t a coincidence it’s raining and our pipes are leaking?”

Another example: “Gosh, isn’t it a coincidence the sun is burning my skin today more than ever on the same day North Korea launched a nuclear missile?”

A final example: “Gosh, isn’t it a coincidence my best friend is three months pregnant three months after my husband started taking Viagra?”

Why is it human nature to need to invent the most complicated rationale for the simplest cause and effect?

Always Say Yes

Yes is tough.

No is easy.

To live your life where you say “yes” more often than you say “no” is to leave an important mark on the world.

Yes takes time.

Yes means commitment.

Yes requires involvement.

No is an end.

Yes is eternal.

You cannot get a “yes” unless you ask.