Stuff You Need from Stew-Mac

If you have more than one guitar, you will, one day, need some basic tools to maintain your stringed instrument.  In the Guitar universe, there is one granddaddy supplier of tools and other neat stuffs — and thy name is “Stew-Mac” — or “Stewart-MacDonald” if you want to be more formal.  I purchased all these tools on my own, with my own money.  Stew-Mac are not even aware this review is being written.

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A Miracle in Peanut Butter: Plumpy Nut

Because of the luck of the land, there are people in our world who are born into, live, and die in places with little water and less food. It is the children who suffer the most from malnutrition and the hardest thing in healing them is, ironically, getting them to eat when food is available.

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The Shea Nut Butter Report

Last week in my Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream Review, Jason's Shea Nut ButterI was challenged to try Jason’s Shea Nut Butter and I am ready to share my Shea Nut Butter experience after a week’s worth of use.

When you crack open a jar of Jason’s Shea Nut Butter, you are greeted with a texture and an aroma you would not expect.

The texture of the butter is hard and granular and the smell is of coconuts.

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