Last week in my Aveeno Intensive Relief Hand Cream Review, Jason's Shea Nut ButterI was challenged to try Jason’s Shea Nut Butter and I am ready to share my Shea Nut Butter experience after a week’s worth of use.

When you crack open a jar of Jason’s Shea Nut Butter, you are greeted with a texture and an aroma you would not expect.

The texture of the butter is hard and granular and the smell is of coconuts.

You quickly wonder how Jason’s can sell 1.75oz for $8.00 a jar when the stuff is so hard to get Jason's Shea Nut Butter Babe!out of the jar!

The Shea Nut Butter scent is strong and it might bother your nose and eyes a bit if you aren’t careful.

One trick when using this sort of Shea Nut Butter is to get it in a liquid state from a granular state and the fastest way to get the Shea Nut Butter into a liquid state is to pick out some of the granular paste, put it in the palm of your hand and rub your other palm into it with great friction.

The end result will be liquid Shea Nut Butter!

Then rub in that greasy mess until it soaks into your hands. I found it can take up to ten minutes for the Shea Nut Butter to blend into your hands — but the greasy feel stays with you — the strong, lingering, scent also may be too much for use in a public place where others with allergies might convene.

Shea Nut Butter is a fascinating product and I am delighted I was able to give it a test and a try. I will, however, be moving back to my favorite Aveeno Hand Cream because it has no scent and it instantly moisturizes as it greaselessly fades into your thirsty hands.


  1. David- i am convinced that there might be heavy side effects to Shea But Butter. i know a guy who used it and ended up taking photographs of shadows in which faces and figures appeared who supposedly looked like friends, relatives, and other assorted imagery from his unconscious mind. He bacame convinced that this imagery was proving the lack of separation between his consciousness and the environment; that he was dreaming in the day in a similar manner to night. This was all a “sacred” gift to end Descartian duality as the basic paradigm, and replace it with unified solipsistic David Bohmian hologramatic quantumesque views (in which the universe was embedded in each particle and projected the universe) which would end war and lead to heaven on earth.
    i can only hope you didn’t use to much of the stuff, and that the above mentioned side effects didn’t happen to you. Please view any negative aspects you found only minor compared to my friend. BLOL (Beyond LOL).

    1. My name is Angela ive been using Palmers shea butter for about ten years and i have had know side effects exept beautiful silky skin i would recomend shea butter to any one it is really a good product. Palmers has a plesant oder also and is very creamy.

  2. Hi fred —
    Yeah! And the Mets play in Shea stadium so I should’ve known anything with “Shea” in the title was bound to tempt sanity!
    Maybe I’ll drop a few Shea Nut Butter granules in my eyes. That would certainly be a fitting act for tomorrow’s blog topic!

  3. I agree, fred. We should create the “Shea Nut Butter Society” and the only thing we’ll do all day is mold robes out of Shea Nut Butter, wear them until they melt and then wait for them to congeal again.

  4. fred —
    Are we falsely worshiping Shea Nut Butter?
    Can Shea Nut Butter bet its own God?
    Does Shea Nut Butter have the power to imprison through its power?
    What do we do if we later discover Rumsfeld based his entire Iraq strategy on the same Shea Nut Butter Society idea we are forming?

  5. fred —
    I am relieved to learn it is impossible for Rummy to be a Shea Nut Butter Nut with us.
    We will move onward — and buy Shea Nut Butter Futures — and tax those who choose to compete with us in the “Soothing Oils Arena” and that includes Crude and Olive and Peppermint.
    We will make Shea Nut Butter safe for democracy if we don’t run out of the stuff first!

  6. We are without dialog, fred, because everyone has read this thread and run out to corner the Shea Nut Butter market! It’s the Next Big Thing, ya know!

  7. David- Thank you. But nothing could compare to this. i feel we should put this dialog on a parchment scroll and hide it in a mid-eastern cave on the other side of the Atlantic. i have heard nothing like this since the Rollins-Coltrane duel on “Tenor Madness. Rollins finger sliped off a Bb key, by now everyone knows what caused the slip.

  8. Proof positive that the new paradigm of shea butter is in place and everyone was out buying it. If not surely someone would have seen the previous flaw. If Coltrane was the master and winner of the chase, how come it was Rollins whose finger slipped? Wasn’t Trane also the master with the most butter? The latter is the truth. Although Rollins was using some shea butter, Coltrane was the absolute master of the butter and music, all ten of Coltranes fingers and his mouth and throat simultaneously slipped. Setting forth a spew of arpeggios, sheets of sound, glissandi, double and triple tonguing, throat vibrato ala ’67 Pharoah Sanders, creating Albert Ayler influenced free music and cememting and putting in place the new shea butter paradigm we all had so long sought, which so perfectly coincides with the natural structural order of the universe. Years later, scientists caught up and erroneously called this shea butter paradigm, “M theory.” Proof of William Blakes statement “Art is the tree of life, science the tree of death.” All the greatest artists used shea butter. “Science” replaced “Religion”, but shea butter has gone beyond them both.

  9. David- Yes!and Yes! Shea NUT (caps intended) butter is beyond the new paradigm, utopia, satoti, and nirvana. It is the manifestation of the deepest imbedded secret in the universe. Pareidolia and Shea NUT butter will save mankind!

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