Censorship of a Young Food Blogger

When children are in school they have many hours of learning to do and since one of the foundations of being able to learn well is being properly nourished, you would think that schools would go out of their way to make sure that the brain food they feed to their students would be nothing but goodness. We know, unfortunately, that the brave battles being fought by such heroes as Jamie Oliver that this is not the case.

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The Deceptive Malnutrition of Chocolate Milk in Schools

As a father of a fantastic baby, I am always on the lookout for news and information about proper nutrition and, in general, keeping Chaim Yosef as healthy as possible. I was therefore displeased to read about a trend in schools about which I was not aware in the form of chocolate milk being served in school cafeterias.

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Weight Watchers Acknowledges the Importance of Calorie Source

When you are surrounded by Taco Hell, you get to thinking that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. If we are to believe the results of the so-called “Twinkie Study,”of course they are all the same. If we try delving anywhere into a place I would like to call reality, however, we find that not all calories are created equally. Let us not forget the shameful deceit of corn sugar, for example.

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Sticking to Holistic Cat Food for Less Stinky Poopy

Shortly after we came to realize Abby was going to be staying with us for the foreseeable future, we decided to switch things up in her diet. She had been on a diet of supermarket cat food, largely the sort that you can buy in large quantities for an extremely low price. I’m not knocking the food based on the price but what we went on to discover made us wonder about our former cat food choice.

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The Blender Bottle Review

When you are trying to maintain a regular workout schedule, you never know where your workouts will take you. It’s nice to think that you will always have access to a fully stocked kitchen, complete with a powerful blender to get all of your post-workout shakes. I have had a long history of struggling with protein powders, many of which have promises of being able to mix instantly with milk or juice.

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Choosing Veganism

It all seems so familiar and yet it’s not at all the same. I recently made the decision to go all out vegan. All right, I’m on the path to getting there. At the very least, I am much better equipped than the last time I had a go at this — and fortunately, so is the world.

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Yesterday's Food Will Become Tomorrow's Food

by Dr. David Ryde MB BS FRCP

The author speculates that Ancestral Man of 3 – 5 million years ago was a herbivore and an opportunist carnivore; man might also have been a coprophagist. Due to extensive regional climatic changes our ancestor totally adapted to the role of gatherer-hunter in order to survive and the use of fire later helped him in this adaptation. It is suggested that nutritional and alimentary diseases and degenerative changes – afflict meat eaters more than vegetarians. Reasons are given for what the author considers to be the human food niche, and these are used to justify a decrease in the consumption of meat and dairy produce. Palaeoanthropological studies support the National Advisory Council for Nutrition Education Consultative Report, better known as “NANCNE Report.”

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