When you are trying to maintain a regular workout schedule, you never know where your workouts will take you. It’s nice to think that you will always have access to a fully stocked kitchen, complete with a powerful blender to get all of your post-workout shakes. I have had a long history of struggling with protein powders, many of which have promises of being able to mix instantly with milk or juice.

You are excited to know that you will get a well mixed protein shake, until you actually try to mix it together and get a disgusting, clumpy, mess. On more than one morning I have broken a sweat trying to mix together a protein shake and ended up chewing through over half of it in disappointment. This would all change for the better when I was introduced by my roommate to the Blender Bottle.

The Blender Bottle is composed of two components — a bottle with a sealing lid and a small metal coiled ball. The small metal ball is the key to making the Blender Bottle work, for while rattling around the bottle it effectuates an extremely rapid mixing of whatever is in the bottle. It is a bit like having a small whisk flying around the bottle at tremendous speed, mixing your beverage.

The same drink with which I struggled no longer posed a challenge and I went from lumpy gross drink to smooth and delicious protein shakes. The next aspect of a good product like this presented itself after I was done drinking the shake and that was the cleaning of the bottle. My first impulse was to fill the bottle halfway with water and to shake it up well. That worked perfectly. I’m sure that the manual had its own advice as to how to clean the bottle but this worked beautifully.

The best thing about the Blender Bottle is the fact that it does not require electricity and is just the right size for a serving for one person. Of course, if more than one person needs to use it, the ease with which it can be cleaned means that multiple can use it — so long as they are okay with taking turns, of course.


  1. We used to have one of those, Gordon, but I found it didn’t really mix the junk at the bottom of the bottle very well. A round ball can’t scrape a round edge like a spoon can.

    I also find the sound of these things terribly annoying. People tend not to just shake and drink. They sip. Rattle. Sip. Rattle and so on for the entire day. Have you ever been in a gym with everyone rattling their blender balls? It’s not a pleasing sound! SMILE!

    1. David,

      I had the bottom junk problem, too — should have included this in the review. I fixed it by adding the liquid first and then the powder.

      I’ve never heard a chorus of ball rattling but then, I do almost all of my workouts in my home gym 🙂

      1. You’re smart to workout at home, Gordon. Those who Love to Rattle make more and more noise with each sip they drink because with less liquid, you get a louder noise. When there’s one swallow left, they’re still rattling louder than ever!

        I tried adding the liquid first, too, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. My favorite stirrer of any liquid and powder is a fork.

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