Gender Rules for Crossing the Street

I walk everywhere.  Not needing to have a car is a blessing of living on the East Coast.  Janna walks everywhere, too. Sometimes, we walk together — and therein lies the rub when it comes to combining our love of walking — because we usually have trouble crossing the street.

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Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body? Not in the United States!

My mother used to regularly remind me as a child that it was “A healthy mind in a healthy body” as poet and satirist Juvenal is purported to have written — and for this reason encouraged me to not only keep up with my studies but to also participate in activities of the physical fitness variety. When I was at The Peddie School from 1993 to 1996, we were required to take courses in physical fitness or to participate in one of their competitive teams.

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Fitness and Health Rankings by City

I love it when cities are shamed for the bad behavior and poor performance of their citizenry, and now we have empirical evidence of the fitness index of some of our major residential areas.  Out of the top 50 urban cores, the New York City metro area placed 30th.  Not so great.

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The iMuscle for iPad Review

iMuscle is a new, $5.00USD, iPad App from NOVA and, at first glance, it seems like it would be a real winner of a Human Body in Motion workout App using an animated anatomical man as your virtual trainer but, in reality, iMuscle is nothing more than a curiosity.

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The Blender Bottle Review

When you are trying to maintain a regular workout schedule, you never know where your workouts will take you. It’s nice to think that you will always have access to a fully stocked kitchen, complete with a powerful blender to get all of your post-workout shakes. I have had a long history of struggling with protein powders, many of which have promises of being able to mix instantly with milk or juice.

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The RevAbs Review

On November 15th, I started a new workout program called RevAbs. It’s not that I was unhappy with my morning workout per se, I just wanted to invest a solid three months into a structured workout regime — moreover, I specifically wanted to target an area of my body that I felt had been really hit hard by poor diet and lack of physical activity for the majority of the time that I lived in Seattle — my abdominal area. What better workout program to use than something called RevAbs — right?

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Why I Hate the Wii Fit

I love the Wii.  I hate the Wii Fit.  Here’s why.

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