iMuscle is a new, $5.00USD, iPad App from NOVA and, at first glance, it seems like it would be a real winner of a Human Body in Motion workout App using an animated anatomical man as your virtual trainer but, in reality, iMuscle is nothing more than a curiosity.

Here’s the official PR blurp:

To work on a particular body area, zoom into that area on the 3-Dimensional Muscle Man. Then choose a muscle to work on – a thumbnail list of all the exercises associate with that that muscle will be shown. Then press on one of these thumbnail exercises and you will be shown an animated 3-Dimensional model performing that exercise. The primary and secondary muscles being exercised will also be highlighted. You can search for a particular muscle or exercise by selecting the appropriate tab in the Index function.

On the surface, the idea of the App is astounding.  You can target specific muscles and body parts and get animated help in planning a workout.

The reality of the App is much more disappointing.  Too many of the exercises require equipment you likely don’t have at home.  You need access to a gym to make these workouts work for you.

Why couldn’t these exercises be tailored to fit is using isometric exercises?  Why can’t we use common household items to exercise our health with this App?  By requiring us to go to a gym to workout, the iMuscle App is nothing but an oddity that you buy to show your friends and then never use it again.

There is a one drawback to working out with an animated anatomical man.

Sometimes there are human holes that are best left covered:

If you have access to a gym and if you might want to become your own trainer, then iMuscle might just be the right App for you.  Here’s a video of iMuscle in action:

Me?  I’ll stick to Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga instead.


  1. I would love an updated Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga review from you, David! This app does look a bit silly. I will give it a miss, thanks!

    1. I should write my own Ashtanga iPad App, Gordon! Ha!

      I find burpees to be a magnificent workout when you’re stressed for time and/or space:

      The rave reviews I’ve read of the App must have been written based on PR stuff and not the actual App. The moment you open it up, and spend time with it, you soon see the exercises are much too complex and tedious to do at home. If I have to go to the gym and set up equipment, I’ll use the experts there to mentor me.

    1. Ha! It is sort of creepy to watch the bacon in action, Mik! You sit there and wonder — “Why no skin?” — because the muscles aren’t really moving in any interesting educational way. It’s a gimmick.

  2. This is one of the oddest reviews I have ever read. This is a tool for working out in the gym and as such it is probably the best out there! It is not, nor does it pretend to be anything else. Why you thought these type of apps will suggest household items to train with is bizarre unless there is an agenda here.
    Finally the “Human holes” comment is surely grasping at straws and a little puerile.
    I bought the app and love it.

    1. The App is not for use in a gym. Taking iMuscle to the gym to work out is like taking MLB At Bat to the ballpark to play a game.

      No agenda here, though people who accuse of me having an agenda are those who have an agenda of their own.

      I’m glad you enjoy the open human holes. Good luck with that.

  3. I too bought the app and love it, it helps understand fitness and focus to the machines we may use. saying its not good cause ”can’t do at home” is pretty lame. anyone who enjoys fitness and has access to a good gym should get it:)

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