The iMuscle for iPad Review

iMuscle is a new, $5.00USD, iPad App from NOVA and, at first glance, it seems like it would be a real winner of a Human Body in Motion workout App using an animated anatomical man as your virtual trainer but, in reality, iMuscle is nothing more than a curiosity.

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Big, Black, and Curvy

In the majority power race to be rail-thin, Black women have, traditionally, preferred to have a more curvaceous silhouette, with the lower half of their bodies “rounder” than the top — “junk in the trunk” is perhaps the better known nomenclature.

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Processed Sugar is the New White Devil

America is controlled by the sugar interest, not the big oil monopolies.  Oh, sure, we think we need oil to live, but we need sugar to survive!  Without sugar, we’d stop working, we’d go through immediate glucose withdrawal, and we wouldn’t have anything to eat, because all our mainstream processed foods are packed with pounds of The New White Devil.

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No Sex Please, We're Yale

Yale University just released a new mandate governing morality and values on campus between a horny faculty and a titillated undergraduate student body.

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Puncturing Booty Pop

The other night, I was half-watching television and half-listening to the radio when a commercial popped on the TV screen.  I thought someone had changed the channel from TLC’s newest fetish show, Our Little Lives and I was watching a comedy skit for a new product called “Booty Pop.”

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Jennifer Aniston's Slutty Nudie Layout

Jennifer Aniston has always had the same problem as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Beard:  Great body, unfortunate face.  Now, as Aniston faces 40 — and as her face falls even further — she strips for GQ magazine to reveal her naught bits for profit and publicity. 

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To My Castings

Erica Sison wrote this article.

To body number 1…
Spreading and covering your body
I feel the texture of your skin
Soft to touch yet
Certain parts wrinkling

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