America is controlled by the sugar interest, not the big oil monopolies.  Oh, sure, we think we need oil to live, but we need sugar to survive!  Without sugar, we’d stop working, we’d go through immediate glucose withdrawal, and we wouldn’t have anything to eat, because all our mainstream processed foods are packed with pounds of The New White Devil.

The Average American consumes 170 pounds of sugar a year.

That is a serious addiction, and if we lined up 170 one-pound bags of sugar and ordered someone to eat it all with a spoon over 365 days, few people would be able to stomach the idea, let alone finish it all.

It is easier to quit drinking and smoking than to quit sugar.  Sugar is a legalized killer.  It makes us fat.  It ruins our blood chemistry.  It messes with our mind and influences our irrational cravings.

Have you ever had to deal with someone rising on a sugar high?  Did you ever have to clean up after someone crashed 20 minutes later?

Sugar is sneakier than salt.  Sugar is invisibly added to processed foods to soothe our palate and then salt is added to mask the sugary aftertaste.

Natural sugar from fruit can be beneficial in moderate amounts, but processed white and brown sugar will only bring you misery, not joy, and really stress out your body.  Stay away from high fructose corn syrup at all costs!

If you want to conquer America — forget the oil fields, stop manipulating the dollar, and drop the religious mandates — just cut off our sugar supply and we’ll immediately drop to our knees on command and fulfill your every want and wish for just another taste of The New White Devil.

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