Our behavior contradicts our best intentions. We say one thing, but mean another. We tell our children not to drink while we not only drink, but drive. We live the Holy Realm on the weekend while we live in the purposeful, yet uncanny, ethical grime of our daily debacle the rest of the week. Recently, I argued that all children must be kept at home until at least the age of 27:

The human brain isn’t finished growing and developing before the age of 26.  For some reason, we allow teenagers to drive cars at 16 and vote at 18 and even drink alcohol at 21 — even though their brains are not yet adept enough at handling those adaptations.

We should keep all children at home, and under compressive wraps until, at least, their 27th birthday in order to preserve the order and cogency of the world.

While I still feel that sage advice is applicable to 99.999% of the human population, I do want to mention the Elegant Exception.

You may have never met an Elegant Exception.  They are unreal and not of this world.  Some might call them SuperGeniuses.  Others may refer to them as Gods who walk the earth.

There is one common thread among the Elegants:  They need to definition or explanation.  You know them when you meet them.

The Elegant Exception isn’t governed by age or relativity.  The Exception is pure energy and drive and intellect.  We must honor that glow and electricity by elevating them while making ourselves subservient to their ethereal desires — even though it is quite likely we never really know what they mean or what they’re talking about…

Honor the exception.  Live by their rule.  Create a safe place for them to feed and grow and become the ones who will save us from our faults and crevices.


    1. That’s right — and they’re not usually bothered with the issue of age or restrained context — they’re Big Thinkers out of the box.

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