Learning to be a Patient Parent

I feel, as a parent, quite fortunate to have stumbled across an excellent article with advice on how to become a patient parent. As a parent, one of the most important qualities one must acquire is patience. Losing ones temper with a son or daughter never goes well and does not help matters in any situation. It is certainly not helpful when it ends with screaming from the parent or, worse, any kind of violence be it in spanking form or otherwise.

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The Elegant Exception

Our behavior contradicts our best intentions. We say one thing, but mean another. We tell our children not to drink while we not only drink, but drive. We live the Holy Realm on the weekend while we live in the purposeful, yet uncanny, ethical grime of our daily debacle the rest of the week. Recently, I argued that all children must be kept at home until at least the age of 27:

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Love Your Patients: A Necessary Bedside Manner

When I teach my Public Health students and when I hold Grand Rounds sessions with medical students, the issue of patient interaction is always a hot topic. Many scientific minds see the world in clinical terms because it helps remove the heat of emotion from the diagnosis and the healing.

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Kate : Chapter 1

As Jean-Michel Pinot’s eyes glanced towards the heavens, his mind wandered away from the busy intersection where he was standing, awaiting the bright white walk signal. He thought of the cotton clouds hanging in the sky, like a baby’s mobile only without the delicate melody that would lull the infants off to sleep in their cribs.

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