Aura Rungs of the Oura Ring

I have heard wonderful things about the Amazing Oura Ring for a long time. If you care about your health, and if you want to track HRV — Heart Rate Variability while you sleep — then one of the only consumer-facing items you can add to your health assault arsenal is, the Oura Ring! Yes, the Oura Ring gives you rungs of an aura of invincibility because you begin to learn things about the way your body operates — especially while you’re sleeping — that others, without the ring, cannot know. The Oura Ring has a battery, is Bluetooth enabled, and it communicates with your iPhone to update your Apple Health vitals — and it does all this via three LEDs in the ring that read your heart rate, movement, and temperature.

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The iMuscle for iPad Review

iMuscle is a new, $5.00USD, iPad App from NOVA and, at first glance, it seems like it would be a real winner of a Human Body in Motion workout App using an animated anatomical man as your virtual trainer but, in reality, iMuscle is nothing more than a curiosity.

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Acting in Slow Motion Creates Perpetual Momentum

One thing amateur actors lack is technique.  Sometimes trying to embed a foreign technique into a new actor can be a challenge.  One of the most important techniques any actor must have is the innate ability to control time and space.  A good actor can speed up time or slow time to a crawl.  Speeding up is easy; slowing down is hard.

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Art Bends Time in Slow Motion

In a recent blog entry, I argued in the comments how time can be bent by the mind into slow motion in order to protect the body: 

In the past, we have discussed here the phenomenon of time bending during accidents and emergencies as real time re-shapes to a crawl — I argue that slowing down of time is another brain protector that gives the body a chance to try to respond to, and then avoid, death or permanent damage. One inch here, a bend there, a twitch right there — can mean the difference between living and the forever darkness.

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