In a recent blog entry, I argued in the comments how time can be bent by the mind into slow motion in order to protect the body: 

In the past, we have discussed here the phenomenon of time bending during accidents and emergencies as real time re-shapes to a crawl — I argue that slowing down of time is another brain protector that gives the body a chance to try to respond to, and then avoid, death or permanent damage. One inch here, a bend there, a twitch right there — can mean the difference between living and the forever darkness.

When we observe Art, time stands still and we can move through the forest for the trees at will and in our own time.  We can bend time.  We can stretch it.  We can make it our own. 

It is through the appreciation of Art in the eyes that convinces the mind to become more than just a repository of stored experiences. 

Art frees thoughts to belong and to create safer havens from danger.
When our bodies are found in peril, it is our experience with Art that gives us the proficiency to slow things down and move our bodies just enough to thwart dangerous intentions meant for malice. 
Bending the mind to make time go slower takes practice and preaching and we’re better off for both when we allow our Art to convene the larger beliefs in us all.  


  1. Hi David,
    Art does have a calming effect on mind – it soothes one.
    But how do you bend the mind to make time go slower? It sounds interesting!

  2. Hi Katha —
    When you are able “enter a painting” with your mind and stroll around the grounds and peer in the windows and taste the river just over that hill… then you are able to use the imagination of your mind to enter that same state… but instead of tasting the river… you instead decide to taste how time feels as it slows before your eyes.
    It takes immense concentration and practice, but one can slow time at will — not just during emergencies or in times of dire peril.
    When people are excited and angry and shouting — they are stuck in a sped-up time, and we need to bring them back to real time by invoking our time bending experiences to make them go slower by us going super slower.

  3. Hi David,
    I understand it takes practice…
    When someone is angry/agitated, I guess the best thing is not to react – it calms people down.

  4. Katha —
    The best thing to do when people are agitated is for your to slow time so they can return to normal time. You’d only do this with people you know and/or care about. The police and fire department and other emergency responders are taught how to do this as part of their job.

  5. Wow…I didn’t know it was a part of the job for the fire and police department to get trained on this – it makes sense!
    There must be a very definite process for this!

  6. Crying baby loves his mother. Touches him, talks to him real quiet. Brings him down. Rocking chair is new time machine.

  7. Katha —
    Yes, there is a process. When you’re dealing with someone upset… you lower your voice… you slowly move your arm to touch their arm… you speak slower… all these are efforts to bend time slower so the person you are trying to reach can calm down and find real time again after being sped up into the future.

  8. Good one, Karvain! Mothers are the masters of slowing things down, bending time to their will, and knowing danger before it happens. It’s a natural motherly instinct.

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