Predators, Children and Sexual Prevarication

Children are some of the most vulnerable in society. They are trusting by default and unaware by necessity of nature. Popular culture and the Arts are filled with the sexual exploitation of, and the aggrieved results of, unattended children in peril with no one to protect their best interests except, oftentimes, their grooming predators.

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Bring Back Continental Airlines!

I take back every nasty thing I ever said about Continental Airlines:

The insidious reality that Continental limits participation and requires documentation for Bereavement plays into the idea that you’re getting a great deal when you are not. It certainly appears Continental is preying on your loss and your broken heart to line their pockets and to blacken their bottom line.

It disgusts me when companies take advantage of the emotional despair that comes in waves of mourning and longing and yearning and companies like Continental Airlines deserve to have their Bereavement fares mocked online and wholly identified as an inconsolable and inconsiderate scam.

Yes, yes, I give in!  I take back every single bit of it all, now that United Airlines have corrupted my previously unbeloved and loathsome Continental brand — just give us back Continental!

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Illegal Student Aliens

History was made this month in Omaha, Nebraska as a judge threw out a frivolous lawsuit while confirming that a land grant university is required to offer a fairly priced education to the citizens of a state if they meet residency requirements.

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Continental Airlines Wants No Complaints

We’ve written about Continental Airlines in the past — and today, we’re having at them again — because they consciously make it incredibly hard to get a complaint filed.  We are grateful we have this public outlet to express our ongoing dismay with their service and to warn you against a similar fate.

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Black and Dead in Omaha

When many around the world imagine the American Mid-West, they think of white picket fences and golden, homespun values.  We, who grew up in the Middling West, know the brutal reality of the Plains states, and here’s evidence of violence against Blacks in Omaha, Nebraska stretching back to September 29, 1919.

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Cascading Teen Violence and the Kindergarten Monster

Duke University put research to the notion that a negative environment shapes children into violent teens.  Does that study augment the argument for — Infant Criminals, Bad Seeds and Guilty Ovum — or does it press the idea to the curb?  It is possible some children are predestined to form a criminal mind no matter how they were raised?

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The Mighty 1290 KOIL

I was raised on radio and — at 13-years-old — I worked on the radio over the next decade of my life.

One of the brightest lights of my radio upbringing happened late at night when I was on the verge of falling asleep and “The Mighty 1290 KOIL: Omaha’s Original Rocker!” would sing to me from a tiny transistor radio at my bedside.

KOIL Radio was a magnificent and under-appreciated jewel in the midst of the despair of the Omaha urban core and all around the dry flatlands surrounding the city.
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