Pedophilia and Child Beauty Pageant Perversion

The perverted murder of JonBenet is once again headline-wrenching news across the world. My greatest concern is not the death of JonBenet, but the lives of the children who are forced by their parents to participate in child beauty pageants.

I do not believe young children actively decide they want to compete against other children in beauty pageants and if they do, the parents must work to correct that inappropriate expression of prepubescent sexualization of their children and not allow participation in the inappropriate eroticization of childhood that is the underlying tease of those sorts of pageants.

I am always amazed by parents who press their children into beauty pageants because there is an embedded perversion in wanting to help create an idealized image of a mature woman in the body of a five or six-year-old child.

What do child beauty pageants say about those who participate and attend the public sexualization of children who wear grown-up makeup, provocative clothing and age-inappropriate hairstyles?

There is a parental perversion in dismissing the child in her childhood to bend time and strangle circumstance in order to teach a child how to moisten lips, flirt with judges and convey a sexuality that, beyond the beauty pageant stage, would cause great alarm in those vested in providing for the public welfare of children.

Can anyone be surprised that child beauty pageants pander to and attract perverts and pedophiles? Isn’t that the audience those pageants are purposefully serving? Aren’t child beauty pageants that sexualize children really meat markets for pedophiles seeking the purchase of a sexual treat? Mature men and women do not take an interest in the overt sexualization of children idealized as adults.

The pre-determined audience for the parading of a sexual semiotic that is immature, but attempted — and not physically or emotionally comprehended by the child who is only mimicking an erotic meme to please a participating parent — is the pedophile and the pervert.

How can we feign being offended or even concerned when targeted psychotic audience elements positively respond to the tickling of their sexual perversion by biting back after being bitten?