Is Hulu Headed for Self-Destruction?

When you see something amazing — be it a service or product — headed for what seems like a dire implosion, it is difficult, if not impossible, to feel just a little mournful for that which we held in such high esteem. It could be a restaurant changing ownership, a television changing format, or what has been happening to Hulu lately:

Hulu management has discussed recasting Hulu as an online cable operator that would use the Web to send live TV channels and video-on-demand content to subscribers, say people familiar with the talks. The new service, which is still under discussion, would mimic the bundles of channels now sold by cable and satellite operators, the people said.

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How Comcast Ruins HD Channeling

We have a love/hate relationship with Comcast. Comcast have enough money to might just buy NBC — yet Comcast are also unable to willingly and innately and universally serve the basic needs of its most loyal customers.  Today, we wonder why Comcast promotes their superior “HD Choices” when, in reality, they do not provide an HD channel for every channel that has an HD signal.

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To Publish and then Perish

My friend, Gordon Davidescu, sent me this interesting link from O’Reilly publishing where you buy a book that is bound in a school-like binder and then you can either download updated chapters and cut them up and place them in the binder or you can order pre-cut pages from the publisher to add to your book binder.

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