The Dying Artful Adaptation

Adapting one piece of art from one thing into another is a dying craft because too many people believe they are capable of making that transition seamless and artistically irrevocable when they are really only able to serve their own selfish aesthetic.

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The Mighty 1290 KOIL

I was raised on radio and — at 13-years-old — I worked on the radio over the next decade of my life.

One of the brightest lights of my radio upbringing happened late at night when I was on the verge of falling asleep and “The Mighty 1290 KOIL: Omaha’s Original Rocker!” would sing to me from a tiny transistor radio at my bedside.

KOIL Radio was a magnificent and under-appreciated jewel in the midst of the despair of the Omaha urban core and all around the dry flatlands surrounding the city.
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Habeas Corpus: Rescuing the Original Writ

We know bad news is released on Friday and last Friday was no exception when the Supreme Court made history by reversing its previous decision on April 2 — and will now hear the case of Guantanamo detainees who argue they are being illegally held as “enemy combatants” without access to due process in the American federal court system. That Supreme Court reversal — authentic and historic in itself — is Bad News for the Bush administration even as Hamdan v. Rumsfeld rumbles in the distant hearts of many.

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MacBook Questions from a Windows Heathen

After 20 years of using only DOS and Windows I am slowly making the switch over to the keen new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro computers.
With an entry point of $1,000.00 USD for the MacBook there are going to be a lot of new sales to Windows Heathens like me who can’t resist a bite into an Apple running an Intel chip especially when our lives are becoming more and more image and video manipulation. 

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