Misophonia and the Agape Orifice

The longer you live, the less you know. I have always had “sensitive ears” — meaning that small sounds really drive me insane. That ear sensitivity can be helpful, though, in a radio career, or during audio production, because I can catch errors, and erroneous sounds, that others around me, miss. However, having “super hearing” is also a curse because you can hear dogs barking from far away, children crying two floors away, and every street sound echoes in your head all day, every day.

This week, I just happened to stumble upon the exact medical description of my Superpower Curse: Misophonia!

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Finding The New People's Court Guilty!

I confess that one of my favorite television shows was the old People’s Court. The original show was an instant classic. The Judge never took any grief or guff from the Plaintiffs or Defendants and watching him blow-up at them in anger was a delight to behold daily.

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