Obey Your Children

There are times when children are right and parents are wrong.  We’re so often trained to think that children know nothing when they actually know quite a lot when it comes to their thoughts and feelings.  It’s just too easy for parents to overrule their children just because they “say so” and because they’re older and taller and heavier than the kids below them.  Sometimes parents need to obey their children.

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Great Blog Posts Demand Excellent Article Rewriting

Our beloved Boles Blogs author Nicola just finished writing an incredible, and memorable, stretch of connected articles that absolutely deserve our devotion and celebration!

Over the past 20 days, our Nicola wrote 18 articles for publication.  These were not simplistic blog posts.  These were intricate posts packed with photographs and personal insight.  Many Boles Blogs articles average 300-500 words, but Nicola’s works in this stretch averaged over 800 words per post and many doubled that number.  That’s over 15,000 words written in 20 days!

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Traffic Jams in Portugal: Rural Road Hazards

Here are some of the rural traffic jams in Portugal. We do not get many of them — but here are some of the common causes.

First, a farmer leaving the fence with openings so the cows can cross the road from one pasture to another to get water.

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An Old Man and a Lost Wife: Ten Sentence Story #177

A couple are visiting a family friend; one who stepped in to save the home of one of their parents after their eviction from a country where they had farmed for years, employing local people, feeding and educating local families and whose recovery from their loss of everything was then about to be lost again in their own countries’ revolution.

A word was given and later a simple legal paper signed, a house changed hands for nothing and was saved for their family, now many years later the time had come for that house to be sold.

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From Instagram Fan to Hater: Why I Deleted My Account and Why You Should Too

Up until recently, I was a pretty solid fan of the Instagram service. I loved how it helped people to connect to one another through their photographs, whether those photographs had been artistically altered through filters or not. I really enjoyed how my friends could easily see the photos I took and give me a big thumbs up, so to speak, when they saw the photos they liked. All of this changed on Monday, December 17th, when Instagram suddenly announced that they were changing their terms of service — and it didn’t look like it was going to be for the better.

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The 1.8 Gigapixel Flying Panopticon

A couple of years ago I wrote an article explaining how you, average person in life, are most likely being photographed numerous times without your knowledge. You are being caught as people take photos of the street with their camera phone, and perhaps even intentionally if you happen to be wearing something amusing or do something that attracts attention — or maybe you are the object of someone’s crush on your shared daily commute.

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Mario Tama: Coming Back

Mario Tama is a photographer for Getty Images.  He recorded the immediate effect and the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Mario knows what the rest of us have conveniently forgotten:  New Orleans is still fallow and fragile as it tries to weight up, once again, from its soaking ashes.

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