Here are some of the rural traffic jams in Portugal. We do not get many of them — but here are some of the common causes.

First, a farmer leaving the fence with openings so the cows can cross the road from one pasture to another to get water.

Rural transport:

Gypsy Caravans:

Flash Flood on local tracks:

More animals — this time goats being herded along the tarmac:

Hope you are all having a wonderful peaceful Sunday.


  1. Genius article, Nicola! I love the simplicity of the images and the delicacy of your tone. Let the images speak for you!

    I laughed so much at the goats. So funny!

    I apologize for Gmail somehow rejecting this article delivery to me today! I’m glad we got it sorted and fixed, and I’m off to investigate as to the why of it all. THANK YOU!

  2. SMILE – thought I would share the tranquility today – there are two paces of life in rural Portugal – Slow and dead slow! I love that some of the customes are kept alive for us all to see.

    I could probably do a whole post on goats ………….. will check to see if I still have the pictures to go with it.

    My guess is image size/attachment limit – but as I cropped a couple of them down I figured I was safe!

    All is well that ends well!

    1. Oh, my! A whole post on goats! You just made my day! SMILE!

      I have whitelisted your email address in Postini. That should push you through no matter what as a pre-approved sender. It has to be Postini, because regular Gmail pulled in the resend from without incident.

      Yes, everything ended well! The farmer is quite grand, too. Can’t stop staring back at him…

      1. They can be very comical indeed – but no spoliers.

        Yes the farmer and the cartis one of my favorites – he is almost wagging a finger at me ,

        Hope to get some of “M” at work as well this week,

  3. Love traffic jams like these – I have seen similar ones in Africa – but with Cape buffalo and elephants! Hurry up and wait!

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