Healthcare Hell: First Come, Last Served

We know the healthcare industry is broken, but one thing that has always been a mistaken mainstay in keeping our misbegotten minds and bodies in fit form — is the need to wade into an endless cesspool while attending a doctor’s office. Nay, the cesspool is not our infirm friends and brethren, but the very soggy pond in which we are all left to rot, in situ, for an appointment that shall never arrive.

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No Thanks!: Ten Sentence Story #164

One day, Jerald was walking into a building and noticed that someone was walking right behind him, and so he held the door open for that person.

The person walked through the door and barely looked at Jerald, let alone acknowledge or say anything to him, leaving Jerald just staring at the person’s back and wondering why he got no simple thank you for his effort.

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Going Places By Being Polite

There are some people who feel that they never get their way when dealing with other people. I have found that much of the time, it has a lot to do with being polite — specifically with the people not being as polite as they think they are being to other people.

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Missed Trader Joe's Cheesy Handshake

I was with a friend at Trader Joe’s in the Union Square area of Manhattan, looking for a certain sort of vegetarian cheese. The first thing you should know about this supermarket location is that it is so popular that the line to the checkout counter is frequently long enough to wrap all around the store and come near the entrance of the store, with employees holding signs to indicate where to enter for various numbers of items per shopper. That made it sufficiently difficult to find anything without bumping into several people.

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Thought in Apology

One of the most common things you will hear in a crowded city like New York is “Excuse me.” Rather, you would hope that you would hear this, especially when people bump into you when you are getting off of a crowded subway train or a bus. Especially when you are trying to cross the street in busy Midtown Manhattan and people are just standing idly around taking photographs of the most odd things – or, at least, they are odd to you since you see them every day and therefore need no photographs.

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The Shortest Distance

We all know and love the beloved and familiar chestnut Real Men always round down. We also know a Real Man never asks for directions while women don’t mind asking and when a man and a woman are lost together and the woman asks a stranger for directions against the better will of The Real Man, that Real Man can never live down the tender loss of his manhood.

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