New Jersey Inhales

Late last night, New Jersey once again chose life over death by passing a medical marijuana bill.

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Benefits of a Neti Pot

I use a Neti Pot every day to clean out my sinuses.

The feeling is great — it calms and soothes me. I take a Neti Pot, fill it with warm water, add some Kosher saltNeti Pot (nothing added to it like iodine or something else) and I bend over and pour it all into my right nostril!

Then I do it all over again for my left nostril!

The first time I Neti Potted myself I was amazed to see all the bits of black stuff that were washed out from within me.

Living in high-density areas where people and pollution are your constant neighbors and always within elbow’s reach, the germs and dirt they bring into your life — err, your nose — need to be cleaned out every day or you risk getting a cold or irritating your delicate sinus lining.

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