I use a Neti Pot every day to clean out my sinuses.

The feeling is great — it calms and soothes me. I take a Neti Pot, fill it with warm water, add some Kosher saltNeti Pot (nothing added to it like iodine or something else) and I bend over and pour it all into my right nostril!

Then I do it all over again for my left nostril!

The first time I Neti Potted myself I was amazed to see all the bits of black stuff that were washed out from within me.

Living in high-density areas where people and pollution are your constant neighbors and always within elbow’s reach, the germs and dirt they bring into your life — err, your nose — need to be cleaned out every day or you risk getting a cold or irritating your delicate sinus lining.

Your first time getting Potted might feel strange because you are deliberately putting water up your nose and your initial instinct is to fight against willingly letting that happen.

Once you get used to the process, though, you immediately start to feel the benefits. New Potters sometimes don’t add enough salt so they get a burning sensation.

If you try Potting, and it burns a little, stop what you’re doing and add a little more salt and you’ll be fine.

Some countries have giant water bags on poles with a hose hanging down so anyone can get a sinus cleansing right there on the street! If you feel a cold coming on or if you were stuck in a meeting with lots of sick people or if your nose is feeling really dry inside, Neti Pot yourself and get immediate relief.

The number one cause of the common cold is dry air and the way to fight the dry is to keep your nasal membranes wet and moist so germs and dirt cannot find rocky purchase: Help them slide right back out the way they snuck into your system.

Here’s a really neat video you can watch that shows you in graphic detail how to use a Neti Pot.


  1. I bet you could!
    If you have allergies or if you get sick a lot, a Neti Pot can do a lot to help keep you healthy.
    The trick is to do a little bit every day as you start. Do a third of a pot for awhile and then add in thirds as you become used to the process. Don’t swallow because that really makes it feel weird and keep you mouth open as the video suggests.
    I do my Pots first thing in the morning while the coffee is brewing. Doing the brief bending exercises afterward as the video shows is important because otherwise if you suddenly bend over during the day a lovely warm stream of saline solution will come pouring out of your nose. That’s happened to me several times and the students always retch!

  2. Wow, I want to try this. How immediate are the benefits, does it take a few weeks of use, or can you breath better immediatly?

  3. I looove neti pot!!! But the best is doing the same in salt water seas. I did it in the mediterranean, when I was going to Italy more frequently. I tried in the atlantic, but it was a wee bit harsh….plus fighting the waves was already a feat, not to mention trying to inhale water…

  4. Rob! — Benefits are instantaneous. You immediately breathe clearer and freer. If I feel a cold coming on I do the routine twice a day: Once in the morning and then again when I get back home at night. It really does help stop a cold in its tracks. If I do catch a cold I do it twice a day as well — so I can breathe again and flush out all that gunky mucous! Make sure you get a good pot. I use the one in the video — I purchased it from that company — mine is ceramic and quite easy to use and I always have one in reserve because they are delicate and can break easily if you drop them in the sink. If you do a search for “Neti Pot” on the web you’ll get some wild images. Some of them are freaky looking. Go for simple Pot first — then you can move up to something more entertaining later.
    musings! — I love your interactive Neti Pot experience! Competitive swimmers also sort of Net Pot themselves in pools all day but the chlorine is so harsh it actually dries them out instead of moistening them up.

  5. I might have to check out the Neti Pot.
    I routinely use saline solution to clear my sinuses, but even the generic version of Ocean is expensive and the bottles are small. I’ve stood under the shower and let regular tap water flow through on days when the pollen count is high to clear my head. I’d rather use water than take medication that knocks me out. Plus, I’ve heard that you can become dependent on sinus medication.
    The Neti Pot looks like a good deal.

  6. Hey Chris!
    Be careful of tap water — there’s a lot of bad stuff floating around in there and could make you even sicker. At least with a Neti Pot you have salt in there to kill the little nasties.
    You will absolutely benefit from a Neti Pot — especially since you’re already conditioned to get water up your nose!
    You can buy a Neti Pot in health food stores or forward-thinking pharmacies or other Ayeurvedic healing places. Some Yoga shops sell them. 20 years ago allergy doctors would urge the use of Neti Pots for their most serious patients but that practice was soon considered too non-traditional for Americans and so shots and pills became the prescription of choice. You can, however, still find older and more experienced sinus specialists who will not hesitate to recommend a Neti Pot.

  7. that is SUCH a bizarre concept. not sure if i could get myself to try that out. seems interesting though. 😛

  8. I’m getting me one of those, I have trouble with my sinuses so would definitely be benefical.
    I’m hating to think of what comes out though.

  9. When wife saw clip she was grossed out. I came home today and she is having such problems with her sinuses she berated me because she thought I was going to bring home some Kosker salt.
    She has a small teapot collection and was going to find a small one and try this out!

  10. Mik —
    Kosher salt should be easy to find — but Sea Salt also works really well.
    A tiny teapot should work just fine.
    Let us know how it goes for her!

  11. I use a neti pot twice a day, it works great. Since using it I haven’t had allergy problems or a cold. I haven’t even felt colds coming on since I started using a neti pot as part of my routine. I have small children in school so colds were a constant problem in our household…. the children watch me use the neti pot, but aren’t interested yet and my husband isn’t ready to try it….and they continue to suffer with colds.
    Last night my husband asked me to show him how to use it, maybe he is getting tired of the colds. The big tip I give new users is to keep your chin tucked back a bit so your forehead is in front, this keeps saltwater from going down the back of your throat.

  12. Hi Amalia!
    Welcome to this blog and I love the name “Amalia” — it s very beautiful.
    I am glad you came here to tell us about your delightful Neti Pot experience!

  13. Does the Neti Pot reach all of the sinus cavities? I wonder if the flow of saline can reach up to the frontal sinuses.

  14. Does the Neti Pot reach all of the sinus cavities? I wonder if the flow of saline can reach up to the frontal sinuses.

  15. I have been doing neti for over more than a year.
    I had no more cold`s or a blocked nose for along time now.It also feels very fresh.It also helped my eyesight to keep clear.Everybody should do this.

  16. I’m 28 and have had sinus problems all my life. My roommate has a neti pot at home (got it for her last xmas) and I’m going to give it a shot. I hope I can learn it quickly because my sinuses are killing me right now.

  17. Good luck, Michael! You will love it once you get used to it. Give yourself a week to get started. Start with 1/4 of the pot at a time and move up to more liquid from there every couple of days…

  18. Well I was able to do it successfully my first time last night. It’s easy if you just remember to keep your mouth open and breathe through your mouth while using the neti pot. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort and it is tricky to overcome that swallow reflex at first – a little bit is trickling down my throat when I first start so I need a bit more practice but overall I think I did great for my first time. Did half a cup on each side (the neti pot I used is 8 oz.) It seems like I can breathe a bit easier after doing it which is nice for me because it seems like at all times I can only breathe through one nostril or the other (or 50% through each one).
    It gets REALLY dry here in denver during the winter so I bought a humidifier for my bedroom when I sleep at night and I plan to use the neti pot daily from now on. We’ll see how things go after regular use for a week. I look forward to reaping the benfits of this combo.

  19. Wonderful news, Michael! I’m glad the experience was a good one for you.
    We only breathe out of one nostril at a time during the day. Our bodies switch between nostrils so both don’t get too dry at the same time. It’s pretty neat.

  20. so that’s normal? I always thought it was because of congestion. I’ve had ear/nose/throat problems since I was a child and though that I could only breath out of one nostril or both nostrils partially because of this.

  21. Yes, it’s normal, Michael. During the day, when you are unaware and not doing heavy running or other imperative breathing, your nostrils naturally open and close so only one is doing the major duty of the day.

  22. Hey I tried the Neti myself last night and I wonder, does all the water come back out and if not, couldn’t that cause a problem? I feel a nasal headache today and I’m wondering why….I breathe MUCH easier though….tell me what I’m missing, I want this to work. Especially after reading that many doctors USED to recommend Neti pot usage prior to the…well….dismissal of things not “Western”…..
    Many thanks!!!

  23. Hi Lisa!
    Welcome to Urban Semiotic!
    Yes, all the water comes out that goes in — you’re only washing your sinuses with water. If you’re extremely dry in there some water may get absorbed — that’s a good thing. If your sinuses are inflamed some water might get stuck.
    If you feel you have water left in there, just bend over for a bit with your head below your knees and gently move your head back-and-forth and up and down — whatever’s left will come running right out all over the floor!

  24. Hi-
    I did a neti pot tonight for the first time, and I feel like my right ear is clogged now. Should I do another one or lie forward and try and drain it?

  25. Hi Diane,
    I have the same problem. Helped my sinuses a lot…but my right ear is completely stopped up. What did you do? What should a person do? Anyone? I can’t take decongestants..so it’s an issue. Thx

  26. Hi Diane,
    I have the same problem. Helped my sinuses a lot…but my right ear is completely stopped up. What did you do? What should a person do? Anyone? I can’t take decongestants..so it’s an issue. Thx

  27. I’ve used a neti pot off and on for years–they’re great–but have run into a problem and was trying to see if there was anything on the Web about it. Looks like this is the right place to ask. Maybe it’s the way I’m tilting my head, but when my sinuses are clogged up the pressure against them can be painful as the water flows through. I’ve looked at a couple of instruction sheets and no one mentions this effect.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  28. I’ve been terrified of trying this—I’m a big baby when it comes to this sort of thing (won’t even use nasal sprays from the doctor). I finally saw it demonstrated properly and tried it for the first time yesterday. Wow! I’ve had a horrible cold this week, and for the first time was able to breathe clearly through my nose. I work in a windowless lab were horrid fumes seep in (diesel, propane, who knows what else); and feel congested every day I’m there. The neti pot will now be part of my morning and evening routine. I wasn’t skeptical that it would work (just afraid to try), but I had no idea it would feel so…well, wonderful. One tip: have the tissues handy; I’d forgotten to take them to the sink and as water was pouring in one side and out the other, realized my mistake. Oops.

  29. So where cna you buy these neti pots? Do the drug stores carry them?

  30. I’m like Diane and Sherri. I just tried this as well and my right ear is also clogged and feels strange, kinda bothersome. What did I do wrong? What should I do now? Will this cause any type of infection in my ear?

  31. I finally used my new neti pot, and OMG the pain. The worst “sinus headache” pain I’ve ever felt, burning, clogged ear, and a nose that is so stuffed up and running that I’m up at midnight writing this. (I was fine before I tried it). I’ve done it 3 times now to try to “fix” the problem and I can’t.
    My water was clean, the right temperature, with the right amount of salt. I am breathing out of my mouth, I finally got the water to drain out the other nostril, but the pressure in my head was so bad, I don’t know if I can ever get the nerve to try it again.
    Should I dare?
    I would really like to experience the “refreshing” feeling everyone else gets, but I’ve been suffering for 3 hours now with terrible “allergy” effects that I can’t sleep.
    Should I try again the morning? Did I flood my sinuses? Will this neti pot ever work for me?

  32. Sounds like you need to see a doctor, Patricia. Your experience doesn’t sound like a normal Neti Pot condition. I would not use a Neti Pot again until you seek medical attention.

  33. Hi David,
    All your posts are really helpful. I have suffered from allergies most of my life, and I was inspired to try this after seeing Dr. Oz talk about it on Oprah. I used a nasal flush in the form of a product called NeilMed Sinus Rinse for the first time last night. I also did it this morning and evening. I was amazed (and relieved!) at how easy and painless it was. I feel like my nose is really clear, but I have “dripped” all day – even more so than my usual allergic runny nose. Also, my sinuses hurt a bit. I used 4 oz of warm, distilled water in each nostril, with the provided packet of Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate (I now know I can just use salt, but this kit was a good way to get motivated). Is this feeling just because it’s new, or am I starting too aggressively?

  34. Hi Cheryl!
    I think what you are describing is pretty much “The Neti Pot Experience,” but if you are in any pain or discomfort then please seek the attention of a doctor.

  35. Hi David,
    I really appreciate all of your helpful posts. I have recently tried a netipot. I thought it was going great, until I started getting some jaw discomfort. I read on another site that “teething” pain can be common for new users who are teaching themselves how to use the netipot. However, the site didn’t give any ways to troubleshoot the problem. Any ideas or insights on what I could be doing wrong? Thank you so much!

  36. Hey Jeanne!
    Jaw pain, in my experience, is a result of you being too relaxed and having your mouth open too far.
    Close your mouth a little and firm up your jaw muscle some before you tilt your head. The pain is coming from the weight of your jawbone putting pressure on your TMJ. If you tighten those muscles first, your jaw will stay in place better.

  37. Wow! Never thought about that. I have been having my mouth open for this. I will give it a try! Thanks! Jeanne

  38. Hi David-I was having a seasonal allergy attack this weekend, so last night before bed I did a full neti poti routine. Towards the end, both of my ears became completely clogged, and I felt like my head was going to explode. They’re still clogged up today. I’m pregnant, and don’t want to have to go to the doctor b/c I know they’re try to prescribe abx…Any ideas? Thanks!

  39. Hi Sarah —
    Having full ears is a sign that you “swallowed” while you were neti potting. It’s a natural instinct and one you have to fight not to have happen for the suffering you must now live with for awhile.
    I don’t think there’s any easy way to unclog except to give it some time.

  40. I have been using and receiving excellent results from a neti pot with warm water and iodized table salt.
    Why do you say to use NON iodized salt? Would it work even better than iodized salt? Why?
    Many thanks for your prompt answer!

  41. David,
    Please help me! I am so stuffed up that I literally cannot get the solution through my right side. I did it this morning (when my sinuses are better) and had NO problems. But this evening (when my sinuses are always horrible) I couldn’t do it. And this is when I feel like I need it most to have a good night’s sleep. What can I do?

  42. Lori —
    You have to work with your body. Detect times when your sinuses are open and start a pot for each nostril. When they’re closed, don’t force it.
    In time you will train your body to effectively respond to the sensation at will and if your sinuses are clogged they will eventually open up to to the expression.
    Remember to use enough salt and not get too hot or too cold as you begin because either extreme creates an involuntary response to compress and shut down in a protective mode. Stressing about it also makes it difficult to happen as well.
    Take a long hot shower, inhale through your nose 10 times and exhale through your mouth each time and the inhale/exhale process should take at least a minute each time. Use the steam to start the process. Then do your pots right after you get out of the shower while you’re calm and relaxed.

  43. Lori —
    You have to work with your body. Detect times when your sinuses are open and start a pot for each nostril. When they’re closed, don’t force it.
    In time you will train your body to effectively respond to the sensation at will and if your sinuses are clogged they will eventually open up to to the expression.
    Remember to use enough salt and not get too hot or too cold as you begin because either extreme creates an involuntary response to compress and shut down in a protective mode. Stressing about it also makes it difficult to happen as well.
    Take a long hot shower, inhale through your nose 10 times and exhale through your mouth each time and the inhale/exhale process should take at least a minute each time. Use the steam to start the process. Then do your pots right after you get out of the shower while you’re calm and relaxed.

  44. Hi David! I have tried the Neti Pot now for 2 days, and still have sinus headaches—what am I doing wrong? I use the exact amount of salt as directed…
    (I am also completely clogged up, but will ensure I don’t swallow when I do it again. ) Pls help, thank you!

  45. Hi sunshine!
    If you are clogged up, how is the water getting through?
    This can be a three-times-a-day two-week process, so don’t give in yet!
    What sort of salt are you using?
    Are you using warm or cold water?

  46. I have used the neti pot successfully several times prior to this morning. This morning, I experienced extreme pain in my forehead area, so much so, that I will put off using the neti pot again. I did have good “flow” of the salt water through both nostrils. What is my problem? I am thinking that those sinuses are blocked, but wonder whether the neti pot can unstop them.
    Thank you, Karen

  47. I have been using a nedi pot for several weeks and i have been doing it first thing in the morning before my shower. i too am a big fan the relief is amazing and i have been able to cut way back on my allergy medicine.
    What I am wondering is there any difference in using it in the morning vs the night?

  48. Alison —
    I’m glad to know your neti pot is working out for you! There’s no better way to clean your sinuses.
    Mornings are better than evenings, I think, because some of the liquid stays always in your head and as you move about during the day and when you bend over or sit down or run around, some of the leftover salt water will dribbled out your nose. That’s a good thing.
    When you do a neti pot before you go to bed, the leftover water sort of just side inside you waiting to drip out on your pillow when you turn over. Sometimes you can get a little headache with that stuff just sitting there waiting to find a way out.

  49. What does it mean when the neti pot use is causing extreme pain in the sinus area and burning right up to the eyes? My eyes actually got very red and burned.

  50. Hi Marge!
    That sort of sinus burning usually means you are not using enough kosher salt. Add more salt and keep testing until you have enough salt that you don’t feel the burning.

  51. Hi-I suffer vaso motor allergy for 42 yrs. Finally get back to use neti pot (quit after 1st try 2 yrs ago.) Nose cleared after 1st use. Now after 10 days I did not take any medication or steriod nose spray. Symbicort reduced to 1 before bedtime just in case of singing lung at night. I will post again of when I will be completely off this expensive Symbicort. Done with Adv-air after 4 yrs. The doc. did not want to give the 500 strength. May be this will keep me off the sinus operation which I was considering. I have to walk(excercise) in the middle of football field to cough and not scaring people. Life is wonderful as before. Uraiwan

  52. I just boughta neti pot because i caught a cold and hearditworks wonders. I used it properly and didnt swallow or inhale anything. Everything drained and i could breathe better than on the day i was born.
    Now it is a day and a half later and i have the worst sinus headache of the universe. i took excedrin and ibuprofen and have experienced no relief.
    Call me crazy, but i’ve got a hairy hunch that neti pot is the culprit that gave me this awful sinus pain. why?

  53. My allergist recommended using a neti pot (so not ALL doctors are afraid of non-pharmaceutical treatments!). I buy fine sea salt at Whole Foods in bulk (you can buy as much or as little as you want). It cost about 62 cents for several months’ worth and dissolves readily. My doctor said to use 1/2 tsp per 8 oz and a pinch of baking soda. I bought the neti pot at Walmart, believe it or not.
    I have used the pot successfully for a few months and have just run into a problem I hope someone can help me with. The heat is now on and my nose is dry. Suddenly the neti pot treatment burns like hell and I can’t do it. Everything was fine for a few months—quite relieving, actually—and now it burns so badly. Help?

    1. Hi Laurie!

      Welcome to Urban Semiotic!

      I’ve never heard of using baking soda in a Neti Pot.

      If it’s burning there are two causes:

      1. You aren’t using enough salt. I use twice as much as you do. Try doubling your salt, and If that doesn’t work, try NOT using the baking soda and see if that helps.

      2. The water you are using is too hot. Use cold water.

  54. I just used a neti pot for the first time. I have never been grossed out by it, I just never tried it before. I recently had the worst sinus infection of my life. I literally felt like I was dying. That finally cleared up after taking a z-pack and steroidal nasal spray. A few weeks ago I started having increased mucus build-up in the back of my throat, and I had a horrible taste in my mouth too. I also have sinus pressure and headaches. I have been coughing up plegm like crazy! I didn’t want to go back to the doctor, so I got the neti today and just used it. It really hurt my eyes and forehead. It wasn’t a stinging, but an intense pressure feeling. I followed all the directions exactly and had a fine flow, but I am wondering if the pain/pressure is because I am a first time user? I would really appreciate any info. THank you and sorry for prattling on and on!

    1. You might feel a little discomfort as you use the neti pot the first few times, Laura. If your sinuses are inflamed, it will take some time for the salt and water to get the internal swelling to go down a bit.

  55. How great that this blog still gets comments after almost 6 years!

    I initially searched for help with the ear pain and I found my answer here. Just wanted to thank you for continuing to help people with neti pot question, and I was surprised to see this blog was still active 6 years going. Today was my first experience and I plan to start to do this regularly.

    1. Hi Brandy!

      Yes, it’s pretty amazing to watch over the years which articles take on an ongoing life of their own. It’s pleasing to see the community stays alive and keeps refreshing the covenant.

      Let us know if you need any help.

  56. I hope someone can help me answer a question on usage. I tired a neti pot for the first time last night and I was unclear about one thing. Am I supposed to CLOSE the passage between my nose and throat so the water does not run down your throat? Like if you are making the “K” sound. All instructions just mention to breath out of your mouth. When I left the passage open, water flooded down my throat and I could not get the water to come out of my other nostril. When I closed the passage, the water started to come out the other side and the pressure was very strong.

    Afterwards, I felt water in my ears and today I have an ear ache.

    Did I do it correctly?

    1. Hi Dani —

      It doesn’t sound like your head is positioned right. Bend over more, tilt your head more to the side and the water won’t run down your throat.

      If you swallow, you risk messing up your ears. Just breathe through your mouth and that should close your throat in any case.

      1. So it should not be necessary to close off your mouth and nose with your tongue…

        Ok. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try with more of a head tilt and leaving the passage open. THX again!

        1. Hi Dani —

          Right. You shouldn’t have to close off anything.

          Bend over the sink at your waist, not just your neck. If the neti pot is in your right nostril, turn your head to the right and upward — and the the water should flow naturally out of your left nostril. If the flow is clogged, be patient. It should start to flow. If it doesn’t readily flow. Stop. Blow your nose and restart. Sometimes there’s gunky junk in there that needs to be loosened up first before the cleansing can begin.

          If you get a burning sensation, you either aren’t using enough salt or your water is too hot. Remember that we want to shrink and cleanse your inflamed sinuses and cold salt water is better than even warm water to get that done.

          Good luck!

  57. Well after suffering for 10 years and 10 years of rubbish “specialists” here in the UK – I randomly came across neti-pot posts…. id never even heard of the concept until reading it in blogs.. so I got one and just tried it for the first time.. I have a strange sensation behind my cheek bones but have to say I feel releif in my sinuses…. ive been blocked up with headaches for 10 years and after one use i feel different in a good way. I relaly think this could be the miracle cure that the UK doctors seem to have overlooked…. Im a convert.

    1. Hi Ben!

      Glad to know of your success! Yes, the pressure you feel is normal, as too, the feeling of being dizzy or lightheaded. You’ll get used to these new sensations and I certainly agree that a daily regimen will wash out all the gunk from your sinuses and make you feel much better.

  58. IMMEDIATELY after i use the neti pot, i have a sneezing attack where i sneeze at least three to six times in a row. Is this normal?

  59. Hi there,

    I feel like I am my own worst enemy here… About 10 days ago I started with a sore throat and cold symptoms so thought I would I purchase a netti pot. I always loved the idea of them and thought it may keep the bug in me from taking hold in a huge way. I used it a couple of times each day over the sink and it helped a lot. On Tuesday night I thought to myself, “why not do this in the shower to save on tissues?” – it seemed a good idea (and the lady at the pharmacy recommended it used that way). I concentrated on getting my head horizontal (nose in line with chin) when i heard a swishy weird feeling in my ear. No worries, I thought, then nettied the other nostril. Same feeling in other ear. (now I have read your extensive comments, I realize I may have swallowed?) Wednesday, the next day both ears began to ache more intensely as the day progressed. By the afternoon I was in tears with my head submerged in the hot bath. Hot water bottle against my ear and straight to bed. Thursday was painful all day and pain focused on the left side, some sounds in the ear but equalizing was difficult and painful to do. Friday pain subsided but no hearing and constant blocked feeling. Same thing all weekend but the pain was going down. Last night Sunday, after much researching on the internet, I decided the netti pot should come out again as after observing a YouTube clip here and there… I thought it would clear my blocked ear with the special maneuver when you hold your nose once the saline is in there and roll your head back, to the side, other side and finally, forward. I tried it a few times on both sides until one potful was used. The water wasn’t running freely through my dodgy left nostril. As the night progressed, the pain in my right ear was extremely acute. I drove myself to the hospital at 3.30am because no pharmacies around here are open at that time. I had to succumb to western help. The doctor was surprised that the pain was in my right as it didn’t look as bad as the left! He prescribed antibiotics (of course) and much needed pain relief. Am wondering what I should do? Will the netti help or hinder my problem? I feel I may have been a swallowing and popping my ears whilst nettying trying to open up and get the water to flush it all out. Feel like a goof, but am worried the doctor may be right saying I have early infection stage. How much longer should I leave it? And what is best, lying upright, on my side… Talking hurts, sound hurts. Thank you for listening if you have made it this far. Any recommendations would be very very much appreciated.

  60. Hi there, Can you recommend a netipot manufacturer that makes pots to fit childrens noses? I have a plastic one that I got at the local healthfood store but my stepson says the spout is too big for his nostril (I sterilized it before he tried it). He is only 6. He has allergies and negative behavioral side effects from the meds so I thought a pot might do him good. He had a mildly successful first go at it, despite the spout to nostril size issue, and was quite proud of the stuff he blew out. I’d do anything to help him clear it all out and be off meds for good! Any pot recommendations for child use would be greatly appreciated!

  61. Im a new Neti Pot user. For me it works okay, but my sinuses seem to only stay clear for a couple of hours! Is that the normal amount of time results last or am I just doing something wrong!? I’m going to attempt to use the Neti Pot again this morning, hopefully to meet new lasting results.

  62. Hi,

    I just bought the Neti Pot today after being diagnosed with allergic and non allergic rhinitis for 3 years. My main symptoms are post nasal drip and nasal congestion. The nasal congestion is not necessarily due to mucous buildup, but the swelling of the nasal membranes. This in turn, causes my “allergy shiners” which leave beautiful dark circles under my eyes. Not to sound superficial, but I am a 27 y/o attracive young lady and am very embarrassed to walk around looking tired and older, with red eyes. I’ve tried Flonase, Allegra D, Astelin and now nothing works.

    My experience with the Neti is that I was able to use it with minimal discomfort but it seems to only help with the congestion partially. One nostril seems 25-50% blocked. This is my third use tonight. Am I doing something wrong? And how long do I need to use it before I see long lasting results (the allergy shiners clear up)? Thanks!

  63. is it normal to taste salt afterwards? Before I got the neti pot, I used a saline spray..Oceans brand I believe..but I tasted salt for a full day after using it..and after using the neti pot I can still taste it..I’ve used it twice now..swallowed water both times 🙁 but it’s like there’s a piece of salt in the back of my mouth that just stays there 😐 really strong taste..even after drinking and eating food.

  64. Hi I am Sathya. I just wish to inform you that I have this nostril allergic problem for 6 years and it
    makes me sniff and sneeze a lot. Can you imagine that I have been sneezing for the last six years even having check-ups with the doctors. You could even imagine the abundant amount of medicines I have taken. Ewwww…. that is disgusting! I want to know whether his netipot method really works,huh?

  65. Do you want me really to have a check -up?Or can I start the netpotting process/(huh?)

    1. The decision is in your hands — and nose! You know what’s best for your health. If you don’t want to seek a doctor’s advice first, then you’ll do whatever you decide. Let us know your choice!

  66. HI, I have used Neti pot before and had really good results. Have had some sneezing/allergy reations the last wk or so since I came back from overseas ( alot of people are having it here at the moment) so I thought I would try neti pot. When I use it I get such a sharp pain in my forehead that I have to stop. I have been using the powder they give you in the neti pot pack I bought. I have had this happen before but I do see I am doing it any differently than when I did not experience this pain. I am not coming down with the nice sinus cold and feel awful ! I really want to use it as I know it has helped me in the past getting sick. Can you give me some suggestions to why I would be getting the sharp pain in my forehead as I am using it. When I stop the pain last for a few seconds and then subsides. I also have gotten off wheat and diary which has made a huge difference and hardly get sinus probs like I used to. Its rarer now but awful as you all know ! I dont want to get worse !!

    1. That’s a natural part of the process! You’re flushing out all the bad stuff in there. It will take a while to get all the crud out. Enjoy the cleansing!

    1. Use it as often as you like. Most people do it once a day. If you’re not feeling well and have a cold, do it three times a day.

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