Best Western Buggery

Last week, Janna was out of town in Iowa visiting her mother. Sometimes, when Janna visits, her mother will reserve a room at the local Best Western so they can swim together and work out and enjoy some private time away from the rest of the family.  How did “Best Western” become “Worst Western” in the flash of a leering eye and a filthy mouth?  I’ll tell you right now.

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Michael Phelps: Carnival Sideshow, Not Beloved Superstar

Michael Phelps is another in a long line of wannabe superstar athletes who seeks fame over magnitude and money over propriety.  Will
Phelps have the success in the marketplace like Mark Spitz?  No. 
Phelps is a robot without heart or emotion.  You may not like Spitz,
but at least he has a visible personality.

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Benefits of a Neti Pot

I use a Neti Pot every day to clean out my sinuses.

The feeling is great — it calms and soothes me. I take a Neti Pot, fill it with warm water, add some Kosher saltNeti Pot (nothing added to it like iodine or something else) and I bend over and pour it all into my right nostril!

Then I do it all over again for my left nostril!

The first time I Neti Potted myself I was amazed to see all the bits of black stuff that were washed out from within me.

Living in high-density areas where people and pollution are your constant neighbors and always within elbow’s reach, the germs and dirt they bring into your life — err, your nose — need to be cleaned out every day or you risk getting a cold or irritating your delicate sinus lining.

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