Kanye West Waves the Queer Flag

Kanye West is one of our most unfortunate and disingenuous fame whores — worse even than his brittle fiancé and Baby Mama, Kim Kardashian — and he’s recently been conveniently “caught” wearing, gasp this, a “Confederate Flag” as if he were a modern redneck KKK member from the Deep South, even though he’s just a regular Black man from Chicago!

Oh, the outrage!

Oh, that Kanye!

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Be White About It

Last week, while standing in a long and winding line at a local Jersey City supermarket during the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy, I was struck in the ear by a phrase I hadn’t heard in colloquial usage for over 30 years:  “Be White About It.”

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Chick-fil-A Pecks the Mouths it Feeds

Chick-fil-A — a mainstream fast food restaurant and sponsor of a major football bowl game — believes it is a fundamental Christian enterprise first…

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Concealing the Prison Tat

If you have a tattoo placed on your own skin by your own free will — and if you are going to court — should the State be required to pay a cosmetologist to cover your ink so you’ll get a fair trial?  Can a tattoo ever be unfairly prejudicial?

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