Kanye West Waves the Queer Flag

Kanye West is one of our most unfortunate and disingenuous fame whores — worse even than his brittle fiancé and Baby Mama, Kim Kardashian — and he’s recently been conveniently “caught” wearing, gasp this, a “Confederate Flag” as if he were a modern redneck KKK member from the Deep South, even though he’s just a regular Black man from Chicago!

Oh, the outrage!

Oh, that Kanye!

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Panopticonic in the Washington City Paper

We love it when other news publications use the made-up word for this blog that is our title and purpose — Panopticonic — and we appreciate it when other powerful writers use our fake work in their print.  In the past, we have spread our love out to Andrew Leonard at Salon.com, and today, we celebrate Lydia DePillis at WashingtonCityPaper.com who took “Panopticonic” delight to print on January 25, 2011.

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Who's Who, Are You?

Does the world care who you are against all others?  Is there really a market out there for any “Who’s Who” book beyond those included on the page?  Are you a mystery and an enigma that you feel must be defined and celebrated?

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Will Anne Rice Become the Antichrist?

When I was growing up, my father told me that there were three things that one should not discuss in mixed company: religion, politics, and sex. Perhaps Anne Rice’s parents did not tell her such a thing, because she is back in the media’s attention talking about how she feels about religion.

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BlogExplosion Implodes

News came down yesterday the excellent blog exchange service, BlogExplosion is up for sale and with that announcement, the blogging world implodes to never be the same again.
I have written a lot about BlogExplosion on this Urban Semiotic blog and here are some of my favorite posts from the past few months:
Ten Thousand and Counting
My Blog is Exploding
Building Blog Explosion Traffic
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Blog Ad Banners…
How NOT to Write a Blog
I’ve never been shy to share with you my BlogExplosion stats, and here they are as of this moment on this day:

Blog Explosion Final Tally

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