When I was growing up, my father told me that there were three things that one should not discuss in mixed company: religion, politics, and sex. Perhaps Anne Rice’s parents did not tell her such a thing, because she is back in the media’s attention talking about how she feels about religion.

Anne is, once again, revealing her religion — about which, she was very loud to announce she was rejoining not too long ago.

But even as she eventually came to describe herself as an atheist and had great wealth and adulation, Rice wasn’t truly happy. In 1998, she started to rediscover her strong faith by rejoining the Catholic Church, and by 2004, she announced that she would no longer write about vampires. Instead, she was devoting herself to “what the Lord wanted” in her writing.

Now it seems Ms. Rice has done a bit of a 180 and has announced to the world that she is leaving the church.

I’ve come to the conclusion from my experience with organized religion that I have to leave, that I have to, in the name of Christ, step away from this. It’s a matter of rejecting what I’ve discovered about the persecution of gays, the persecution and oppression of women and the actions of the churches on many different levels.

Does this mean that she will return to writing about Vampires and, perhaps, decide to next become: The Antichrist?  It might be a good career move for her.

Why do we need to be informed of every single religious decision that Anne Rice makes? How does it affect us? Why should we care?

I don’t see this as being an indicator of anything but a blatant desire to revive sales — or to perhaps to get publicity for books that are soon to be published.


  1. I find this to be disturbing news, Gordon, only because her original “transformation” back to the Church seemed so cloying and desperate.

    Now she invokes the name of Christ — again! — as a reason for leaving the Church? So cunning. So ugly. So wrong.

  2. Interesting thought there Gordon on this now sudden announcement of renouncing the Church; wonder if Anne has another book that is in the works, waiting to be launched & what a perfect way to grab some media time by making an announcement on her personal choices. I am not sure that I would really care one way or another what she deems appropriate as her own choice of religion or not…it’s interesting but don’t we seem (as a society) to now get informed constantly on the inane portions of people’s lives? Not sure about anyone else, but I really don’t think, in the scheme of things, that I much care, one way or another, what someone chooses to do or not do in their intimate lives or if it is even any of my business. I love the internet and the instant access of course, but perhaps in all things, there should be moderation, especially in terms of TMI (WAY too much information) at times….

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