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Burning Your Brown Eyes Blue

My eyes change from hazel to blue to green depending on the amount of sunlight shining in them and the reflective color of the shirt I am wearing.  My lovely and beautiful wife has constant caramel eyes that I would eat like toffee if I were allowed.  Imagine my dismay when I learned yesterday that a doctor in California has a new laser procedure to permanently remove the brown from brown eyes:

Dr. Gregg Homer at Stroma Medical in California announced on KTLA-TV that he had come up with a laser procedure that removes the brown pigment, known as melanin, in the iris. Once removed, the blue color underneath is revealed, giving the person blue eyes. Homer said the procedure takes about 20 seconds.

“We use a laser that’s tuned to a specific frequency to remove the pigment from the surface of the iris,” he told KTLA.
The change is irreversible because, once removed, the melanin cannot grow back.

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The Ridiculous Art of White Power Milk

Not too long ago, we addressed the question of whether art could be quantified. What I would like to consider is if all we need to do to consider something art is to merely apply the label art to it. Having already seen the curious art of Caleb Larsen, I thought I had seen it all when it came to art that didn’t really seem like art to me. I was ill prepared for the shock I would receive when I came across a web site created by Nate Hill called White Power Milk.

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Michael Jackson Steals from Bob Fosse

Despite the best efforts at YouTube take down notices, we all know Beyonce grave robbed Bob Fosse, because We Who Know, saw the video evidence with our own eyes before it was removed.  Beyonce even, eventually, gave Bob Fosse credit for her choreography theft.  This morning, I was delighted to receive an email from Alisa, asking if I knew Michael Jackson had also stolen Bob Fosse’s choreography.

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Black and Happier. Slightly.

Black happiness is on the rise.  Or so it seems.  Is it because of Barack Obama?  Or is something else at play in the land of societal equality and community equilibrium?  Last week, The New York Times tried to quantify the new “Black Satiety” in the following graphic:

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White is Winsome: Discounting Black Plastic Skin

Walmart are being accused of Racism for marking down a Black Barbie to $3.00USD while selling the White Barbie for the full price of $5.93USD. Some argue Walmart needed to be more sensitive to issues of Race in the marketplace and that the company needs to sell all Barbies for the same amount.  Walmart replied, with a stone ear against a burning fire engulfing them, that they needed to move inventory and the Black Barbies had to be discounted so they would sell better.

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The Whiteness of Technology

We are a nation of masks — we repress our true feelings and protect our basic being. On the surface, we claim we are all equal and that skin color doesn’t matter and that technology is agnostic, non-atavistic, non-discriminatory and non-evangelistic. Today, we have been forced to know better by peeking out from behind our masks to divine the reality before us.

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The Definition of Reverse Racism

We all know, and can generally identify, what “Racism” is and what it means and how it hurts all of us — but what is that thing some people call “Reverse Racism?”

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