Barack Obama is in trouble.

Barack’s pastor of twenty years has declared a religious war against the institution that Obama hopes to control:  The United States Government.

Obama is stuck.  He worshipped with Rev. Wright.  

Rev. Wright brought Barack to the cross. 

Rev. Wright baptized Obama and his children.
How do you sever a tether so strong as a combined religious faith?

Must Barack play into Rev. Wright’s hands and condemn the hate he spewed as the “truth” so Wright can attack him even more?
Here’s what The New York Times’ Bob Herbert — a Black man — wrote this morning:

The thing to keep in mind about Rev. Wright is that he is a smart fellow. He’s been a very savvy operator, politically and otherwise, for decades. He has built a thriving, politically connected congregation on the South Side of Chicago that has done some very good work over the years. 

Powerful people have turned to him for guidance and advice.
So it’s not like he’s naïve politically. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Forget the gibberish about responding to attacks on the black church. That is not what the reverend’s appearance before the press club was about. He was responding to what he perceives as an attack on him.


Is Barack’s backing away from Wright worse than Wright’s betrayal of Barack’s faith?  
Can Barack keep Wright or must he be cut loose?  Is Obama able to “finish” his Reverend in a way he cannot — or is unwilling to — finish Hillary Clinton?


  1. Just more HRC trickery that will hopefully be shown to be completely useless once North Carolina and Indiana are over and onboard the SS Obama.
    I am hopeful that this will all blow over. The New York Post, what I sometimes refer to as “Fox News in Print”, likes to over dramatize things to make them look a lot worse than they are.

  2. Gordon —
    The NC governor came out today for Hillary. I think that’s a terrible sign from the establishment that Barack is fading. A few more “speeches” by Rev. Wright, and more inaction by Obama on culling him, will be terrible news for him as a viable candidate.

  3. This guy’s now a bonified kook! Obama should cut him loose and offer no apologies for it.
    Obama was very kind to him when this all began, and I was all for that.
    But he has no choice but to get rid of this guy.
    Rev. Wright has shown his true colors and I’m beginning to think he just might be the anti-Christ.
    Anyone in their right mind will give Obama a standing ovation!

  4. Obama just cut him loose on live TV, Donna! Barack severed all dies and he “killed” the racist bully and put him in his grave.
    He did the hit job with cool elegance and Rev. Wright is now finished, over, and done with everything Barack.

  5. I just posted this reply on my Obama blog:
    “Hi Willie —
    Wright didn’t create racism, but he was propagating it under Barack’s name yesterday. You deal with that kind of insurgency as a leader by putting it down and lopping its head off. Barack did just that!
    As terrible as this might sound — White America was waiting to see how Barack would deal with a Black Bully holding an axe over his head. Barack was smooth, slick, and crafty as he moved out from under the threat and used the axe against his aggressor. That shows a steely guts that we need in a Commander in Chief.
    Now, as Wright rants, Barack is above it all again. Let Wright roar! He is meaningless now. It is now good for Barack to have cleaved himself from that Wright hate and negativity because now the more Wright cries, the closer we stand closer to Obama to protect him from the jerk.”

  6. Oh, it was a glorious performance, Donna! Wright is finished. It’s only GOOD for Obama to have Wright picking on him from afar because it lifts Obama above the color of his skin and makes him more human.

  7. Stunning, David!
    He’s a bit weak on the Q & A.
    I hope he steps it up as CNN has just gone to break before the second round of questions.
    Good for him!!

  8. He’s obviously hurt that he has to do this and he’s uncomfortable doing the task and I admire him for that — but for Barack… this is as angry and upset as he gets. He may look cool, but he’s fighting back with anger and he’s killing his former pastor. It must be hard for him, but Wright wielded the first blows yesterday. Obama had no choice but to swing back to finish him.

  9. Great link Gordon, thanks! I’ve never seen Barack so seething before. You might not notice it if you don’t follow him every day, but his anger is truly, and rightfully, visceral.

  10. As someone who has watched dozens of his speeches I can feel the pain he is clearly working to overcome. I wonder if the color of his tie is a reflection of his burning anger.

  11. That’s a good question, Gordon. You can see the man struggling with this public cleaving and I’m sure it was hard on his family, too, but it had to be done.
    How soon will we begin to hear this was all “planned” by Wright and Obama to “free” Obama from the clinging racist shadow? Wright said all those nasty things so Obama could cut him loose to “live again?” It would be the ultimate claim to Martyrdom, eh? I can see the headlines now: “Wright Sacrifices Reputation to Save Obama’s Campaign.”

  12. David,
    good to know that obama has managed to shed the pain of his tortured relationship with this man and moved on with dignity.
    thanks for the link, Gordon!

  13. “Tortured” is just the right word, Dananjay. It’s been a long month of suffering for Obama and his fans over this issue.

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