Barack the Magic Negro

The RNC have done it again!  They chained their wishes to the failed Sarah Palin and now they’re back in moral jail for their fundamental misunderstanding of what the majority of Americans want in their national leadership. 

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Lying in Wait Racism

In the wash of the Barack Obama win, there are strange thunderings going on below the surface level of local, human, interaction.  Many of our area neighbors, and casual acquaintances, cannot believe we — “The White Folk” — voted for Obama, and I cannot help but wonder why.

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An American Election

If you live in the United States, and if you are registered to vote — we urge you to stand in line all day if you have to, and cast a vote for Barack Obama — to win back what was lost.

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One in 99: Number One as the Prison Nation

The United States is now the number one nation of the incarcerated in the world. The Pew Center on the States released a new report that one in 99 Americans is a prisoner in the nation’s overcrowded jail and prison system.

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Return of the Racist: Don Imus on ABC Radio

I suppose it was inevitable: Don Imus of “Rutgers Nappy Headed-Hos” fame is back on radio as of Monday and one can only begin to wonder about the why of his return.

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Black Rage and the Bluest Eye

Are blue eyes superior to brown? Have you ever experienced or witnessed an example of Black Rage? In 1970, author Toni Morrison took on both matters in her first book and subsequent ovaric masterpiece: The Bluest Eye.

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