The RNC have done it again!  They chained their wishes to the failed Sarah Palin and now they’re back in moral jail for their fundamental misunderstanding of what the majority of Americans want in their national leadership. 

After finishing their losing convention by berating Barack Obama,
the Republicans have, once again, put their racist feet in their fundamentalist mouths by mocking the President-elect with the re-imagining the popular child’s song “Puff the Magic Dragon” as the Racist and mocking parody, “Barack the Magic Negro.”  Here’s the current Google search return on that title:

Here’s the damning evidence that was aired on the Rush Limbaugh radio show:


Hmm… looks like the hatred has been removed from YouTube in less than a day!  Good for them!

Here’s how the New York Times explained the disgrace:

To the issues that divide the Republican Party, there comes one more. Some Republicans find humor in the song “Barack the Magic Negro.” Some most definitely do not. The debate was joined last week after a candidate for party chairman from Tennessee, Chip Saltsman, distributed the parody, which was broadcast on the Rush Limbaugh radio show last year and questions President-elect Barack Obama’s racial authenticity.

Speaking to The Hill newspaper on Friday, Mr. Saltsman, a longtime Republican operative, described it as a “light-hearted” gift that would be received in “good humor” by members of the Republican National Committee. In a party that had big losses this year among minority voters, not everyone took it that way.

“I am shocked and appalled,” Mike Duncan, the current party chairman, said in a statement released Saturday. Mr. Duncan is competing for a second term against Mr. Saltsman and four others. “This is so inappropriate that it should disqualify any Republican National Committee candidate who would use it,” Newt Gingrich, a Republican former House speaker, said in an e-mail message. Referring to Mr. Obama, Mr. Gingrich said, “There are no grounds for demeaning him or for using racist descriptions.”

Will the RNC ever learn to be nice and not create hatred and avarice everywhere they turn as a matter of their ordinary everyday? 

When Newt Gingrich is the lone voice of reason, the entire Grand Old Party should shudder in history.

We’re tired of ongoing Republican negativity and righteous conservatives need to rid their entire organization from the terror of the Limbaughs, the Malkins and the Coulters and the Saltsmans — and make their own, positive, way in life so we will willingly follow them into the depths of a Hate Free Future. 


  1. I really find this hard to comprehend. It is immature in the extreme and totally irresponsible – they expect to be respected for this?

  2. So astonishingly embarrassing that such a thing was recorded in the first place. Were no long term consequences thought out?

  3. Nicola. Yes! They expect everyone to laugh with them at how clever they are to call Obama’s Race into question in such a unique and innovative way. The RNC is lost. I suppose that’s good for most of America, because they keep digging their grave of irrelevance deeper every day.

  4. I don’t think these RNC snipers really care about the long term, Gordon. They’re in it to skin him alive, and they’ll do it slice by slice, flaying by flaying every single day just to see him bleed a little. It’s a bit sick, really. They don’t want him gone — they want him weak and damaged so they can play with his body a bit.

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