The Jolly Rancher Affair in Your Hair

I remember a time when, as a kid, getting candy OUT of your hair was a major, momentary, catastrophe that was only resolvable with a pair of scissors.  The resultant bald patch was your mark of dishonor for playing so poorly with such sticky candy.  I was, of course, curious to read about the recent Jolly Rancher in Your Hair Affair where a mother purposefully put Jolly Rancher candy in her child’s hair and then sent said child off to school for photo day.  Here’s a random image of what “Your Hair in Jolly Ranchers” looks like:

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Regulating Recreated Life

Do we want to regulate artificial life?  Or should we simply let new lifeforms evolve as they must and come into being as they want to join us, destroy us, or find their end with us?

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Celebrity Infantilization of Cancer

When celebrities get involved with charity causes, be prepared to buy something after having it shilled to you — but have we sunk so low with the celebrity cause that we are now considered children in need of Pied Piping into the River for the drowning of our national sorrows?  You can’t throw a rock in the air today without it coming down and hitting an advertisement on a Viacom network — like MTV and VH1 — and not be smashed in the face with celebrity pleadings for “”

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Miley Cyrus Captured in Racist Slit-Eye

Miley Cyrus was recently caught in a photograph making the universal, infamous, and insulting “Slit-Eye” gesture to condescend the form of the Asian eye:

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Rise of the Obama Zombies

There is a delicate line between Art and Politics that must never be crushed:  Mocking politicos for aesthetic profit.  The New York Times, for some reason, decided to publish 50 crushing images of those working for the Obama Administration and, for some reason, the Obama campaign agreed to this public humiliation of their employees.  The published images cruelly, and purposefully, make these good people look like Zombies.  Let’s call them “The Obama Undead” — with their blank faces and ghoulish eyes — and we are left to feel terrible for them because they have been manipulated and mocked for paper profit.  We know their uncomfortable skins.  Only the glassy look in their eyes, and the familiar “thousand-yard stare,” gives away the fact that, at one time, they were human, and not the joke of the day.

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Barack the Magic Negro

The RNC have done it again!  They chained their wishes to the failed Sarah Palin and now they’re back in moral jail for their fundamental misunderstanding of what the majority of Americans want in their national leadership. 

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Primate Morality and Shared Values: Are We Aping Them?

In a recent New York Times article, it was argued that advanced primates are moral beings with identifiable values sets.

We have wondered here on the same topics and about the inspiration of DNA and evolution in articles like From Ape to Man to God. Primates care about each other even if it risks their own well-being.

They make informed choices that bear on “doing the right thing” for the community and not only the self.

Is it scientifically provable that morality is not a possibility but a genetic mandate for survival?

It is humanly probable that our primate ancestors provided us clues in our shared, genetic, code not to harm each other and to instead negotiate and socialize and to get along without killing?

Is it our ape-like morality that allowed us to become upright and upstanding and evolved, cogent, beings with empathy as well as morality?

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