Fun with Google Apps Mobile

If you aren’t using Google Apps Mobile yet on your iPhone, you need head into iTunes and download it today!  My favorite part of Google Apps Mobile is playing with the Voice Search feature.  You speak it.  Google Apps Mobile will find it on the web for you.  Most of the time.  As you can see in the screenshot below, I did a previously successful search for “cochlear implants” — not an easy or expected couple of words to “get” but Google got ’em — and then I decided to speak “Panopticonic”  to see how astute Google was at blending the new with the known.

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Beauty in the Breast

Chioma Uzoigwe wrote this article.

I possessed more power than the mightiest of warriors.

My charisma spanned limitless ages
I captivated the youngest and oldest of audiences
Provoked the enamored into fits of jealous rage
My beauty was too great.

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The Immediate Me and the Instant Now

In the comments stream for a previous article — A Semiotic History of Playing with Brains — I revealed the following:

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