If you aren’t using Google Apps Mobile yet on your iPhone, you need head into iTunes and download it today!  My favorite part of Google Apps Mobile is playing with the Voice Search feature.  You speak it.  Google Apps Mobile will find it on the web for you.  Most of the time.  As you can see in the screenshot below, I did a previously successful search for “cochlear implants” — not an easy or expected couple of words to “get” but Google got ’em — and then I decided to speak “Panopticonic”  to see how astute Google was at blending the new with the known.

Google Apps Mobile did not like “Panopticonic” and I was asked to speak that word again several times.

Finally, Google Mobile Apps gave up and gave me “Xenapp Taconic” as the return “Panopticonic.”

I have no idea what those words mean together, but I decided to keep trying to see how robust Google would be with my spoken search wants.

Next, I spoke “WordPunk” and Google shortened my search to just “Word.”

Okay.  Fail.

Then I tried “Urban Semiotic” — and Google Apps Mobile didn’t ask for a re-speak, it just went right to work for me.   

Instead of getting “Urban Semiotic” returned, I was presented with “Urban 706.” 

Fun.  Funny.  Wrong!

Then, I decided to try my old, beloved, standby — “Jack the Cat” — and Google Apps Mobile interpreted all three words correctly and gave me pertinent results:

Google Apps Mobile isn’t just for voice searches.

Touch the Apps button and you’ll be taken to all the Google services available on your device:

If you go into SETTINGS and scroll down a bit, you can even insert your Google Apps Domain.

That way, you can get your customized Google Apps experience right inside Google Apps Mobile!

When you’re done setting up your Google Apps Domain, you’ll be sent back to the main Apps screen and, from there, you can fire up your branded mail, calendar and docs and other Google services!

If you have an iPhone and a Google Apps account, you need to download this gem of an app and start getting connected faster and returned more robustly than you ever could with an embedded web browser alone.


  1. I have a good laugh trying to search for things. They never work out, alas.

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