I Know What Love Isn't Review

It has been a long five years since Jens Lekman’s last full length album, “Night Falls Over Kortedala” and it has felt even longer. Thinking back, I don’t recall exactly how I got into Lekman but I believe that it was around 2009.  I was looking for something fun and I found it in Jens Lekman. In one of the first songs of his that I heard, he took the traditional advice of walking a thousand steps in someone else’s shoes before judging them and made a joke about how he was now one thousand steps away and judging the person anyhow.

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Gregg Allman's Low Country Blues Review

Gregg Allman is one of my favorite performers.  He’s lived a rough and hardy life and every bump and bruise pulses from his fingers and thrives in his voice.  Gregg’s latest solo album — Low Country Blues — is available today, and I can tell you right now, this is my favorite Blues album of the young year, and I can’t imagine any other Blues effort beating this collection of music for the next decade.  Yes, it’s just that good.

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djay for iPad Review

All week I’ve been reading the stellar, Five Star, reviews and comments for djay for the iPad and — even though I’m not a big “records guy” — I decided to take the $20.00USD plunge and purchase the App.

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Missing Out on Karen Elson's Peachy Aroma

In the last few months I have become a fan of the music of Karen Elson. As a member of the Third Man Records Vault service, I am alerted to new releases and since I have enjoyed just about everything they have put out, I was happy when they announced that her first single was going to be released at the South by Southwest festival this last March. A friend of mine was going to be there and I asked him if he could pick me up a copy since it was specially printed — three colors.

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The Slash Record Review

SuperGenius guitarist Slash — of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame — released a new album this week called, genuinely enough, “Slash” and it is the number one selling album on iTunes right now.

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Cuffed for Money: Privacy and the Public Record

You can buy the new “Cuffed” magazine for a dollar to ogle the faces of the recently arrested.  There are some who believe “Cuffed” is an inappropriate invasion of privacy while others argue the mug shots are part of the public record and any right to privacy was lost upon arrest.

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The Appeal of Vinyl Records

I have many memories of purchasing music as a child, and all of them involved the cassette tape format. This is not to say that other formats were not available for purchase — rather, this was the only format that was both affordable to me and easy to take with me. It might seem hard to believe now in a day where you can get a digital music player with no moving parts with a twenty dollar bill and get change, but portable music players were really expensive in the 1980’s — especially to me, a child with no actual income.

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