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Fifty Articles Written in Seven Days

From January 10-16, 2009, the incredible Gordon Davidescu and I published 50 new articles — you’re reading number fifty right now —  in the Boles Blogs Network!  That is an incredible and unbelievable new publication record that didn’t happen by chance or circumstance.  Gordon wrote 13 network blog articles and one Go Inside Magazine article and I wrote the rest.

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Tom Petty’s Live Anthology on iTunes LP

One of the first things I do each morning is login to iTunes, check for any new Apps, and then see what’s new in music.  I was thrilled this morning to see a new Live Anthology from Tom Petty in the new “iTunes LP” format was released today.

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Your ID Card, Your Criminal Record

You are driving to the mall with your children and you find yourself going just a touch over the speed limit. It’s okay, you think to yourself, because you’re going with the flow of traffic. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a police squad car in your rear view mirror. No worries – they have every right to be on the road and there’s no reason to think you’re being followed. Only when you see the car start to flash its lights does the worry commence.

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MSN Remote Record

MSN Remote Record is a service that interacts with your Media Center 2005 computer if you have a broadband internet connection.
You logon to the MSN television grid website from any computer with internet access and choose which programs you would like to watch on your Media Center 2005 computer.

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