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Remaining in the Unitasked Moment

Some recent reading has led me to believe that I spend not nearly enough time living in actual moments — I am constantly trying to do five things at once and not getting any actual benefit from any of them. What have I read that has taken me down this path? First, I read a chapter in the most recent book by AJ Jacobs, The Guinea Pig Diaries.

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Cyndi Lauper's Failed Memphis Blues

We usually like Cyndi Lauperexcept when her website is stealing from us — so we approached her new album, “Memphis Blues,” with both excitement and trepidation.  We were excited to see her join Tom Petty and Steve Miller in the release of new Blues albums over the last week; we were trepidatious because, in our experience, the best Blues albums come from those who are musicians first and singers second.

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Memories of June 11, 1994

I have lots of strong and positive memories tied to the date June 11, 1994. This is despite the fact that I do not recall anything about the date itself. Rather, it is all to do with a cassette tape I received in the mail in the spring of 1995 that changed my life for the better and has been with me in one form or another since then.

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Shooting the Street Corner

Richard Howe has taken on an interesting art project:  Shoot images of various Manhattan street corners in New York City.  Here’s one shot of “Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox / Sixth) from 111th Street to 147th Street.”

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