Richard Howe has taken on an interesting art project:  Shoot images of various Manhattan street corners in New York City.  Here’s one shot of “Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox / Sixth) from 111th Street to 147th Street.”

How explains his mission — it’s sort of like “Google Street view” with an artist’s aesthetic.  I am also reminded of the Urban Semiotic Four Corners image study:

The Manhattan Street Corners is my working title for a project to produce a comprehensive photographic portrait of everyday life at street level in daytime Manhattan. Between March and November, 2006, I systematically photographed each and every one of the island’s roughly 11,000 street corners (the exact number is a matter of definition and, in some ambiguous instances, even a matter of judgment).

We appreciate Richard’s effort and we look forward to seeing the grittier side of Manhattan. 

We want to see Alphabet City in all its grimy glory.


  1. I wonder how many people have asked him to remove photos due to being in them? I love the photos themselves.

  2. Very interesting project! Pictures are always powerful, speaks from various angles!

  3. That’s the rub – as soon as you are in the ‘public domain’ the privacy is essentially gone; that is how papparazis get away with doing what they do best! 🙂

  4. Is that the rule, Gordon? I thought it had to do with being a public citizen or not. If you’re part of an expanding news story you can be shown without permission, but if you are just walking on the street and people are shooting you for art or profit you have an expectation of privacy unless and until you give explicit permission.

  5. What an interesting project. There was a photo blogger on blog explosion who used to post a picture of New York every day – cannot remember who he was now – they were always interesting to look at.
    There is also a UK blogger (again the name escapes me) who takes a picture from the same spot of the same view once a week at a certain time. It was quite fascinating to watch the year through his eyes.

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